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What 360 overheating???..

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by turtle3, 30 May 2006.

  1. turtle3

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    For people worried about overheating:

    Was playing farcry yesterday and forgot the time and had to go out in a rush, opened the curtains and cos the sun was shining on the 360 I covered it with a sheet (which I do when not in use to keep dust off aswell). anyway returned after 3-4 hours went out into the conservatory where my 360 is set up at the mo, and realised the 360 was still on :eek: . the conservatory was absolutely roasting hot and on top of this the 360 was covered,,, thought for sure I had fried something but when I uncovered it and turned on the tv to my surprise the farcry intro was still playing along fine, started a game up no probs :)
  2. Chunky


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    noe thats what i call a miracle
  3. Malenko


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    I don't really understand all these 360 heat issues :confused:

    Mine is sat on a shelf in a TV cabinet, no more than 2 inches around each side of it and it's laid down horizontally.

    Even after hours of use the console is no more than luke-warm to the touch and the air from the back is cooler than my PC.

    Although, covered up and in a red hot conservatory does sound a bit much for any machine.
  4. dannyjo22


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    I keep mine in a cabinet under my desk like this. I cut the back out of the desk. I once closed the door by mistake when playing. I normally leave it open for ventilation. When I stopped playing I heard the fan noise, it was going crazy. Yet still didnt get gfx break up or glitches or hit the shut down point.

    But even in normal use it pumps some alot of warm air into the room.

  5. Oakesy2001uk


    Joined: 7 Sep 2005

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    mines like a radiator, think it can be expected tho judgeing by whats in it! never overheated, just pumps out hot air! had mine since launch