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What car(s) for 3 child seats in the back?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by jaket, 26 Jun 2016.

  1. Rainmaker


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    They are quite safe, and rigorously tested. Did you read their safety and certification page which details everything? They have full EU crash safety approval.

    That aside, what kind of booster seat are you using? Have you considered something like a new(ish) Skoda Superb, Ford Mondeo or even a Mazda 6 (albeit it being slightly more narrow than the other two). They will accommodate two ISOFIX rear facing baby seats plus an adult - or child on a booster cushion - in the middle without hassles. I know because I'm the same boat and really didn't want an MPV. I think I'd better get the snip quick, while my wife is still pregnant with number 3. :o :D

    We have two ISOFIX baby seats and the eldest sits in the middle. I've done this in the latest Mazda 6, Mondeo and Superb without problems. You can further mitigate any issues by selecting narrower car seats. Maxi Cosi and CuddleCo amongst others do slim seats which are full ISOFIX with all the safety stuff and five point harnesses, but are only in the mid to late 30s CM to early 40s CM wide. Most seats can be very much wider than that, and can thus impinge on the middle seat of the bench.

    With the Skoda Superb (new model, which is wider than the mk2) we find that the baby seats don't overlap their own section of the rear bench, meaning the middle seat is fully available plus some spare from the seats either side. Our 10 year old finds this more than adequate, and we've had adults in there too for an hour or so at a time without issue.

    Worth looking at if you really want to avoid seven seat hell. If not I can only suggest the S-Max 2.0 EcoBoost for at least a modicum of driving engagement while getting full sized seats. :p
  2. wassap


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    What kind of baby seats do you have Rainmaker?

    When we tried our Britax seats in both Mazda and Mondeo, we couldn't get an adult in between .

    The Superb mk2 was doable but only if the seats were belted in and not via isofix. Even then it needed to be a very small adult! The hump in the middle made it uncomfortable, fine for a small child in a basic booster seat, but not an adult.

    To be fair I'd have the S Max over the superb for driving ability, it's a better chassis I found. Interior is naff compared to the superb and the new Smax looks a bit odd.
  3. rodenal


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    In terms of getting a person not requiring a booster in the middle its much easier. Even my Octavia can seat someone in between two isofix seats. They are really not going to want to be in there for a long time, but it's easy doable once you get to that size
  4. jaket


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    Thanks for the feedback. Its a shame the X5 can't!

    I think the best option so far is the A6. I will look at the XC60 as it seems a bit nicer than XC90.

    Not a fan of this but thanks

    Hmm, our eldest is already on a booster so I guess this expands the list slightly?

    To confirm the sizings;

    7 - Currently on a booster, open to purchase a newer slider one for middle seat
    18 Months - Is currently in a Britax First Class 0+/1 - Non isofix
    New born - Currently have a Maxi Cosi with ISOFIX base
  5. wassap


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    Check this youtube channel out, its american, but will give you an idea https://www.youtube.com/user/TTACVideo

    Also this page is useful http://www.thecarcrashdetective.com/3-across-car-seat-guide-html/

    For me its a case of how comfy we will all be for a decent length journey, if you only do short journeys, you could squeeze the seat combo's in to a fair few cars, for example we managed to get 2 graco child seats and a human in the back for a drive to france, in a A4 avant, and whilst we managed to do it, there was far too much complaining!
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  6. xs2man


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    That's mostly the problem. My wife can, just, fit in between the seats in the back of the 5 series, but it's way to uncomfortable for anything more than 20 miles or so. Certainly no use when we drove to London a couple times (that said, the boot was too packed then too, and only then did we realise the 5 series touring isn't that big either).
  7. jamief


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    New Q7 has ISOFIX on all passenger seats which is really handy.
  8. Hamish


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    We just upgraded from a 3 series touring to a 2009 Q7, really love the car and although we only have 2 car seats in the back there is room for a third one or large adult in the middle. The best thing about it compared to others is that it has a third row in the boot which are also ISOFIX so you could put 2 kids in the boot and take some adults in the middle row where the legroom is.
  9. mark66


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    We went from a 3 series touring to a Smax on the arrival of our 3rd - it suits our needs perfectly and is truly a great 'family wagon' imho. The M Sport was just far too confined inside, absolutely no chance it would have done young 3 kids in the rear and the boot was smaller than our old Focus.

    The SMax has completely independent rear seats which can take any car seat. Each seat can slide back and forth by about a foot and when the bench is in its normal position (pushed back) there is so much leg room that you can also get in to stand in front of the kids to make sure they are all strapped or deal with any cleaning up emergencies - which can be very useful.

    The boot space is awesome and of course you have the additional 2 seats which can be flipped up if need be, which with a larger family does come in handy for giving the inevitable extra lifts etc.

    What with the new Smax just breaking , I imagine you could probably source a nice loaded Titanium X Sport for a good rate too.