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What speaker and amp setup would suit me?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by [email protected], 10 Nov 2007.

  1. [email protected]

    Wise Guy

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    Hi, im after some recommendations really. I have this TV (below) and wouldnt mind getting an amp and speakers for it as the tv's speakers arent anything special.

    I dont want to spend allot (£150 min to £300 max) but i think i can get something worth while to go with my TV. The dvd player is only a cheapy one. I also have an XBOX 360 (never used mind you).

    Theres a deal on for Cambridge Audio S30 and Cambridge Audio A5 for £200. I like the look of the amp and speakers. Are they any good?

    Is the radiator a worry at all ? Should i go for bookshelves or floorstanders ?
    Heres what my tv looks like now:

    Thanks for any advice. Its going to be for my 21st birthday in december :)
  2. lofz


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    the amps sweet as a nut, don't know about the speakers I got some floorstanding Gale 4040's with mine (£200)
  3. Corasik


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    I'd be worried about the radiator. Make sure its on the lowest possible setting. TV's and heat are a very bad combination. Although LCD panels dont require the same level of cooling as a Plasma, it can still cause PCB's to flex, and contract very slightly as the heat levels go up and down if the radiator is too hot and too close. Even with modern manufacturing techniques dry joints can be present in the electronics and additional heat can cause these to fail sooner. There are many reasons why not to have electronics near a heat source.

    I wouldnt store the DVD's right next to the radiator either, and speakers are going to be yet another problem unless you have room to position them far enough apart that the radiator is between the TV and speaker.

    Obviously from your picture I dont know your room layout, but the best place for a radiator is under the window. It helps prevent cold drafts coming from the window area into the room anyway. If thats the best position for the TV.. I'd get the radiator moved :p Probably no more expensive than replacing the TV from premature aging.

    Anyway.. Speakers... How big is the room, in a small to medium sized room compact speakers like those S30's can sound very sweet, a larger floorstanding speaker can easily swamp a little room with an overpowering out of control bass.

    They will be a HUGE improvement over the TV's speakers I can pretty much guarantee that, however I would strongly suggest that you try to get an audition of them and some alternatives first, even the box shifters like Richer Sounds have demo facilities. Both the electronics and the loudspeakers have the ability to affect the sound you hear, but imho the speakers will add the most 'colouration' to the sound. So if you demo and find speakers you like the sound of, you can 'tune' the system by using different amp. Of course you can work the other way, get the amp, and then tune the sound by changing the speakers.

    If you go with bookshelf speakers, dont forget that 'bookshelf' is generally an incorrect term, they are 'stand mount' speakers. Without a good heavy stand to sit on many bookshelf speakers will not perform at their best. Also if you do go with bookshelf speakers, and find you want more bass, you can always add a subwoofer as an upgrade later on.

    Infact many (most?) AV owners have a sub for watching movies anyway. I have big floorstanding speakers for my main left/right fronts, and I still have a sub for the .1 channel but its only active during movies. As soon as I switch to CD replay mode the sub is automatically disabled by my amplifier :) as well as all the AV processing electronics etc.
  4. [email protected]

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 6 Aug 2004

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    Location: Essex

    Corasik, your a legend.

    Never had such a decent reply to a post :)
    Im going to look into it and see if i can move some stuff around. The room is 14ftx12ft i think.

    Thanks again, looking forward to buying some speakers.