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What the devil is going on with my O2 connection?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Bes, 15 Oct 2009.

  1. Bes


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    Recently, my net connection has been getting really bad .

    Firstly, the wireless kept dropping on the O2 box, plus I was getting into issues when loading web pages (Pages would not load for a long time, router seemed to be losing its connection). I got a new one from O2. The second one would reboot itself every 10 minutes. The page load issue was still present too. I gave that up and fired up my Cisco router. I noticed I was getting a lot of DNS lookup issues (i.e. the DNS servers could not be reached), so I changed and started using OpenDNS servers instead. The problem has not got much better and I am still getting issues where I just cannot connect to anything for long periods/ random DNS errors / pages fail to load, etc.

    I think I am on O2's cheapo package (7 quid or so a month). Is there anything I can do? Is it likely to be my line, or is it down to O2? Are there any tests I can perform to see if my line is at fault?