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What would you overclock this to

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Johnny|lucidcomposure, 18 Jun 2006.

  1. Johnny|lucidcomposure


    Joined: 5 Nov 2004

    Posts: 9,303

    other week I finally got the
    AMD X264bit 4400+ with Abit AN8-32x (nvidia chip)
    2gig OCZ Ram
    ATi x1800

    I aint been into Pc hardware for a long time now and wondered what I could expect to push (stable) with this
  2. squiffy


    Joined: 17 Mar 2006

    Posts: 9,155

    2.5ghz, easy with no extra voltage. 2.7 if you're lucky, but might require a little bit more voltage (as mine does)
  3. Gommsta


    Joined: 5 May 2006

    Posts: 480

    what sort of voltage u running squiffy and what temps u getting?
  4. Jokester


    Joined: 7 Aug 2003

    Posts: 41,572

    Location: Aberdeenshire

    If it's a recent chip I would be looking for 2.8GHz+ cooling dependent.

  5. squiffy


    Joined: 17 Mar 2006

    Posts: 9,155

    In BIOS
    1.375 vcore
    +200mv overvoltage
    Tried lower voltage (around 1.475) but reboots during Windows load/games test

    1.503-1.535 reported in CPU-Z

    34 degrees idle.
    49degrees with both cores 100% loaded. You need two instances of CPU Burn in loaded, both running. Run Task Manager/Performance to see CPU usage graphs.
    23 degrees ambiant

    Memory to CAS 2.5, 166mhz
    Last edited: 19 Jun 2006
  6. Andrew665


    Joined: 6 Jan 2004

    Posts: 240

    Location: Warwick

    I'm running mine just over 3Ghz but thats on phasechange. Just up them volts and push it as hard as it will go.