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what's the best skt 754 mobo pci-e ?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by TALON1973, 2 Mar 2006.

  1. TALON1973


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    ok as topic reads . and it must support my 754 3700 processor ( its to good to waste ;) )

    not prepared to go over to 939 yet
  2. TALON1973


    Joined: 28 Jul 2004

    Posts: 4,943

    Location: llanelli , south wales

    anyone ?
  3. SinaiSound


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  4. pastymuncher

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    Hi there,
    I completely agree with Hefner. The Epox EP-8NPA SLi is an awesome board. I know, i have one and it is paired with a pair of 7800gt's. :D

    Excellent board, excellent overclocker. Pity about the location of the power socket but not a great problem. I still got my SI-120 to fit easily. If you do get it get the latest bios and use the latest drivers from their website, same one as Hefner mentioned. Also, go into the bios and change the memory from 2T to 1T. 2T rather annoyingly is the default setting. It allows you to push your memory up to 3.3v with a fsb of nearly 400mhz (ddr 800) if i remember rightly. It lets me get my Crucial value pc3200 with a default of 200mhz 3-3-3-8 1T all the way up to [email protected] 1T with 2.8v. It will also run at [email protected] :D

    I have just ordered some OCZ 2GB Gold dual channel DDR500 cas 2.5 to go withit though. One of these boards would be awesomw with a Athlon 64 mobile 4000+ in it (2.6ghz, 1mb L2 cache). I have just found a major UK online retailer that will have stock of these cpu's in 1-2 weeks for only £215. Very tempting indeed.
  5. Emlyn_Dewar


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    Another vote for the 8npa-sli here! Still loving mine, actually need to put some effort in and clock this Turion soon, it's becoming a bit of a waste!
    It's a great board and has some really nice features, some pretty advanced overclocking options aswell, many of them scare me...
    Like pastymuncher says, it defaults at 2T on the memory for some unknown reason but it really is as simple as just changing the option to 1T and rebooting.

    Once I get sorted with moving out, think I might stick in another 6800GS and then that'll be me until my next major upgrade.
  6. Super Tigers

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    Biostar tforce6100-754. flash latest bios and it happily runs high 300mhz htt. Run my venice3000+ at 10x250mhz htt for 24/7 hits 36C fully loaded using stock cooler and side 120mm fan turning at 800rpm.
    Has pci-express slot and onboard nvidia 6100 graphics, all for the cost of £48inc vat. bargain, nuff said

    Rob H