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Whats the cpu temp???

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Phil2008, 22 Sep 2009.

  1. Phil2008


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    the temp from in the bios and this temp........


    Ive stopped going by this reading since Ive used a multicore cpu's, cos im not completly sure what that reading means. I go from the core temps only and by the way 40c for my cores is wrong but Ive got stuck sensors and wont go lower then 40c(45c in coretemp), but load temp isnt stuck, and thats what counts

    Your thinking why Im I so intrested about this temp, well Im not, but someone is that Ive been chatting to, so I thought id ask you guys if you know what the reading is or means?
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  2. AgedIdiot

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    If my understanding is correct then the readings for Cpu Core 1 & 2 @ 40c give you the temps of the two cores.

    The Cpu temp of 35c has, I've read, nothing to do with the actual cpu but is the temp of the northbridge. - Probably :D

    As a double check of your cpu temp try Core Temp /Real Temp.
  3. BeeP

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    I always go by the core temps. so you are at 40 now.
  4. Phil2008


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    no cos there stuck,, should be in the low 30s.