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Whats your greatest PC Boj Job / Blunder

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by locutus12, 4 Jun 2006.

  1. locutus12


    Joined: 11 Mar 2004

    Posts: 5,897

    Boj Job:
    i once fixed a hard drive with a paper clip and scissors, basically one of the ide pins had come off the circuit and fell out of the plastic bit so i shoves a paper clip through the hole, bent it down abit which dug it into the circuit, snipped it with scissors and plugged in the IDE cable, Worked a treat for a year whilst my friend saved up ££ for a new drive :)

    once blew a 40 and 30 gig drive by unplugging and plugging in the power molex of the 30 gig, the 30 gig was dying and would go into sleep mode and the only way to wake it without rebooting was to unplug its molex and plug it back in, the problem was on this particular time, i wasnt looking at what i was doing, put the molex in slightly ajar and made contact with the wrong pins on the drive which blew both hard drives as they were on the same PSU ring. :D

    also once fried a jetway board (not my fault...) booted it and a transistor turned white hot and melted through the board whilst catching fire :D :D
  2. Clown


    Joined: 13 Apr 2004

    Posts: 5,087

    Location: London

    Bought a second 9800 Pro because I thought my old one was broken.
    Bought a 6800 Ultra because I thought my 6800GT was broken.

    Both were driver issues.

    Other than that, though, I'm perfect.
  3. Curio


    Joined: 14 Mar 2004

    Posts: 8,007

    Location: Brit in the USA

    I made a cooling system for my Voodoo2 SLI system using an old CPU fan taped to various other things to hold it in position. Looked stupid but it did the job :)

    And, amazingly, I've never blown anything up or broken anything at all in my 10+ years of tinkering inside PC's. Go me.
  4. Shane5578


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,430

    Location: newcastle

    switching between 230v/110v on the psu, made a spark :D

    stepped on my £100 sunglasses
  5. Mr Jones


    Joined: 16 May 2006

    Posts: 11,334

    Location: Dubai

    Blunder #1
    Forgot to put the CPU fan back after a vacuum cleaning session.
    CPU kept shutting down.
    Was very annoyed till I saw my fan sitting next to my mouse.

    Blunder #2
    Letting my dad buy a PC for my birthday.
    He got me a Parkard Bell. A Celeron with 128mb SDRam and 32mb on-board memory. :/
  6. PobodY


    Joined: 23 May 2006

    Posts: 242

    Location: Trent Vegas

    My supervisor fixed a AUD 250,000 (GPB 100,00) analytical instrument with a paper-clip bent to hold two parts together - it ran for ~8 months before anyone called the service engineers.

    I fixed a HP Laserjet 4500 with an elastic band around one of the rollers to give it a bit more grip on the paper.

    I don't admit to my failures :D
    Well... maybe I just can't think of a suitably catastrophic failure.
  7. Doohickey


    Joined: 8 Aug 2004

    Posts: 9,341

    Location: Shropshire

    Was trying to pull the heatsink off my cpu, but couldn't release the cpu first as I couldn't get to the lever, and was pulling ever harder and then all of a sudden pulled the whole thing off with a loud crack. Luckily, no pins were broken in the process.

    After cleaning up the hsf, I went to put the cpu back so I carefully aligned the pins with the socket, and tried to drop it in, but didn't seem to budge, so I pushed ever harder, and then heard a large crunch as it forced it's way in. I forgot to put the lever up...

    Still working, touch wood, thanks to one hell of a robust chip...
  8. locutus12


    Joined: 11 Mar 2004

    Posts: 5,897

    ROFLMAO... your a menace...
  9. RichieUK


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

    Posts: 620

    Location: Darlington

    My biggest blunder was not screwing the stand-off screws onto my new cases motherboard plate. I screwed the motherboard directly onto the plate. Because of the big bracket on the bottom of the motherboard, caused by CPU fan lock, the motherboard was kind of bent when i had fnished screwing it on. It never booted up :rolleyes: I did actually realise my mistake when i was in bed that night, so i got up (about 1am) and started dismantling it and put it back together with the stand-offs. Luckily nothing had been damaged and it was fine after that :)
  10. peterattheboro


    Joined: 24 Sep 2005

    Posts: 20,010

    Location: Middlesbrough

    I fried an Athlon 2800+ because I couldn't get the massive gigabyte cooler on properly... ended up scraping paste all over the chip and then it just died :(

    Worst. Cooler. Ever.
  11. MeatLoaf


    Joined: 1 Dec 2005

    Posts: 14,201

    Location: Stoke on Trent

    Blunder 1 :

    Forgot to fasten the hsf to a duron 1100.switched on, it fell off, chip burnt out

    Blunder 2 :

    Put the molex connector in an old CDRW drive the wrong way. After id forced it in, switched on and the drive smoked like a chimney. Amazingly, plextor gave me an RMA replacement.

    Blunder 3 :

    Formatted the wrong drive during windows setup, my dad lost all his files :eek: He now backs up to DVD as well :D
  12. hp7909


    Joined: 8 Jun 2003

    Posts: 5,016

    Yanked off the CPU from ZIF. Was stuck to HSF, couple of pins were bent & had to realign - nearly hypnotised myself doing it :(

    Historically: Went through a couple of Durons after applying tooooo much thermal compound. BUT, I blame the instructions & contraption that they supplied to aid in applying :mad: Also, Blew first ever mine/family PC’s mobo because of feeling lazy to find a screw that had dropped inside :o

    Boj Job: Soldered back a part that just fell off :mad: a 9800pro :cool:
    Last edited: 4 Jun 2006
  13. lee87


    Joined: 31 Jul 2005

    Posts: 2,592

    Blunder 1: Forgetting to screw the PSU into the case, I installed everything and stood the tower up (just the metal bracket stopping it from falling), go to plug the power cable in and the whole psu slides back and falls onto the heatsink.

    Blunder 2: When plugging the ram in I clipped one side in, when doing the other the side, the side I just clipped came unclipped meaning only half the ram was in the slot. When I turned the pc on I could smell burning and see smoke coming from the pc. :eek: When I opened it up you could see the casing on the ram chip had melted, luckily this is working and still being used today.
  14. Humate


    Joined: 23 Dec 2005

    Posts: 652

    i havent made one yet... finished building a system for a mate last night, didnt have the balls to turn it on... so im hovering over the power switch now, which means that i may be on the cusp of a truly great blunder.
  15. Humate


    Joined: 23 Dec 2005

    Posts: 652

    blunder 3.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i can just imagine the ape like state that your dad slid into as u broke the news
  16. MeatLoaf


    Joined: 1 Dec 2005

    Posts: 14,201

    Location: Stoke on Trent

    He wasnt best pleased. He now only plugs in the windows drive for setup and puts the others on after :D
  17. deadeyedic30

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Jan 2005

    Posts: 1,545

    Location: Too Far from a good woman

    When moving from 3x80Gb hard drives to 1x250Gb i slide one of the sata drives onto my bed to clear a bit of space, it hasn't worked since. :(
  18. Burly


    Joined: 21 Aug 2005

    Posts: 718

    boj job: hotflashed my wrongly flashed BIOS chip with my working mates one. had to dig the chip up with a sharp pointy thing and the plastic around the chip header broke off. Thought I screwed both up, but worked a treat :)
  19. Defcon5


    Joined: 4 Sep 2005

    Posts: 6,424

    Location: Whitwood, West Yorks

    Blunder 1...

    Rearranging a fan with a metal guard n inside my case with the pc on, and leaning it against the mobo, one loud electrical crack later and my a7n8xe would never post again

    Bodge job...

    Budget extreme cooling! couldnt afford ln2 and all the gear so i used pipe freezing spray and copper tube, only to drop the tube when it started to freeze my hand and all the liquid spill over the board. still works though, hard as nails them dfi mobos
  20. pscl227


    Joined: 23 Aug 2004

    Posts: 81

    Boj Bob: Soldered on 2 capacitors i knocked off a 6800 Ultra, the strange thing is after i had done it, it was A LOT more willing to overclock that before i did it :confused:

    blunder: couldnt be bothered to empty my water cooling on he drive home from uni to my house, and i never check it, it had leaked, and lots of sparks later my £1000 SFF pc had gone to silicon heaven (however it was covered on insurance :D )