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Where does my girlfriend stand in all this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shep_no_platinum, 9 Jun 2010.

  1. Bulldog14


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    How old if your GF now? What is this job that it is so special? If you do want to name the company please indicate what sort of work it is. Are you sure your not telling some "light version" of this story? Police involvement and getting kicked out of school are not something that is done lightly for just a scuffle. Did your GF know that the sister and mother of the other girl worked at this company ahead of time? If so why on earth would she apply there knowing there was this much bad blood. If not then I call /tinfoil hat as that is rather large coincidence that not just one but 2 enemy relatives just happen to work at the company she applies to.

    There are a whole lot of things that don't add up here.
  2. shep_no_platinum


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    The mother and sister work there. My girlfriend didnt know.

    My girlfriend is now 18 and was 14 at the time. The job she does is well paid for what it is and she lives round the corner. It has amazing benefits for working there and she is qualified in what she does. She had a fight with the girl, came out better off. The mum of the girl did everything in her power to ruin my girlfriends life then onwards. A few weeks later the girl and her mum started shouting abuse to my girlfriend and her mum. Then the mum dragged her daughter into school claiming her daugther was to scared to attend and felt threatened so they excluded my girlfriend. My girlfriend was punished several ways and has grown up and regrets everything but she certainly isnt the type to start up a conflict again.

    She is gutted about the whole situation and doesnt know what to do. But it seems most people who work in the section my girlfriend was going to work in know about it all and will have no doubt already formed opinions about the type of person she is.
  3. Locky


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    True, When I had a fight with a group of Asians which involved them attacking me with a cricket bat in which I returned the use off, it got a bit messy and the police didn't get involved.

    Mind it was a good 15 years ago.
  4. sigma


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    Find another job.
  5. steve-h


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    Yeah but you left out the part where it was a school fight when she was 14...

    and this :confused:
  6. Scrutinize


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    Are you stalking Fox, this thread is a year old and you drag it up quoting our Foxy?
  7. steve-h


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    how the hell did I get here? :confused:
  8. "andy"


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    did you just bump a plus year old thread just to have a go at fox ?

    its not like he doesn't post in loads of other threads where you can start or join an argument with him!
  9. steve-h


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    While we're here... what happened in this never finished thread?
  10. Danm54

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  11. Scrutinize


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    You sir do fail at the internet but....

    I too am curious
  12. Vonhelmet


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    I really doubt it's going to be worth sticking it out. It's cropped up in 2 days of being there, do you really think they're going to let it lie?
  13. Dreadi


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    Tell her to beat the crap out of the girl again and quit!
  14. danza


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    What happened Shep, what happened? YOU MUST TELL US.
  15. Castiel

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    She should not be put at a disadvantage for something she done when she was 14, if she was charged and convicted of an offence then it will have been discharged by now and unless her job is subject to a CRB (and juvenile records usually are exempt from these anyway) she is protected by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

    If she has done nothing to warrant the treatment she has received then she has a case of harassment and bullying and depending on the contract she has, also forcing her to accept unreasonable changes to her conditions of employment without her agreement.

    I would suggest asking for the reason for the changes in writing and asking for a meeting with the Head of HR to discuss the situation, including making sure that they are aware that the behaviour of the Mother and Sister could be constituted as Harassment and Bullying, especially if your girlfriend has made no attempt to approach or has said anything about or to them at her time at work.

    Taking the OP at face value, the treatment she has received is unacceptable and she should make an official grievance to the relevant Management as soon as possible.

    Make sure she is accompanied by a friend or representative in any meetings with either management or HR, as is her right. Also ACAS and the CAB will be able to help her with the specifics better than we can on an internet forum so tell her to contact them.

    EDIT: Now I realise that this thread is a year old, so what actually happened.
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  16. Pete19s

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    Just re-read this thread only to realise that I had already read it last year. Damn you thread revivals!

    +1 too what was the outcome?
  17. byteagig


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    I thought I was havin a bout of deja vu. but I was.
  18. crinkleshoes

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    OMG... in need of conclusion!
  19. westylakey


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    lmao, I started reading and noticed the date, so I jumped to the end to find the numpty behind the holy thread revival, although it would be nice to find out what happened!
  20. [TW]Fox

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    Confusing thread bump is confusing.