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Which case (coming from cm690)

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by snowdog, 4 Apr 2019.

  1. snowdog


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    I have a CM690 first gen atm, which lacks proper 240mm rad support:



    It doesn't have a big enough gap between the mainboard and top of the case to fit a fan and a rad, and it doesn't have a proper gap to put the rad on top.

    I have several other small annoyances also with this case therefore I want a new one. Ideally I'd want a case ready for a 360mm radiator, but at least space for my current 240mm one, but then with push-pull config.

    It will/must house the following:

    8700k (@5.1ghz, but was delidded and the thermal poo under the IHS replaced with Liquid Metal)
    Cheapo 240mm CM AIO (currently with original fans, tho I have 2 Noctua NF-F12 sitting stand by, and will do either push-pull with all 4 fans, or just use the Noctua's.)
    GTX980 (tho soon to be replaced with gtx2070 or so).
    5 3.5'' HDD's
    2 2.5'' SSD's
    1 M2 SSD

    - Above hardware
    - All intakes have dust filters, I wish to have a front/bottom to back/up airflow
    - No unnecessary gaps for noise to come out or dust to come in (I actually taped over some gaps in my current case from inside).
    - Preferably buttons, usb, etc on front or left side
    - No ****** ''bling'' or leds, ''glass'' windows or any other crap
    - Subtle HDD/power leds that aren't a lighthouse in the dark (tho I can unplug or paint them so not a hard demand)
    - Silence/isolation is a plus
    - No other nonsense/frills, I don't want to pay for brand. Bang for buck. Spending over a 100 on a metal case is nonsense imho, I don't mind ''cheaper'' cases, as long as the isolation is good and they don't resonate.
    - Spacious if possible
    - I do like ''screwless'' designs. I don't like having to fiddle with screwdrivers just to change something, so no nonsense hdd bays or such that require huge effort to work on.

    EDIT: Didn't notice ocuk had a case subforum, this post is meant to be there then!
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  2. ExRayTed


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    I've asked for this to be moved :)