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Which dual core cpu?

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Messiah Khan, 11 May 2006.

  1. Messiah Khan


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    Im in the market for a new cpu I recon. I mostly use my pc for general browsing/photoshop/3DS Max and Oblivion(Most of the other games I play would probably manage on a 486 :) ) So ive decided im probably going to go down the dual core route. Now the question is which one to go for? Im basically after most bang for buck and I will be overclocking whatever chip I end up with. Ive got a MSI K8N neo4 Diamond, which has a stable HTT up to about 310-315ish. Due to this Im guessing im best off with a chip with a multiplier of 10 or over? Am I best going for an Opteron 170 or going the X2 route? I really dont want to spend much over £300, although im hopefully going to try and pick one off the MM.
  2. NightmareXX

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    From what I've gathered from the forum:

    Opterons: If you get a good mobo and a good stepping of CPU, then you'll get an amazing result

    X2: Don't OC as well as opty but are already a a pretty high clock speed and so don't need OCing as much.

    I'm getting my X2 4200 tomoz with an Asus A8R-MVP. If ya want, I'll report back on how blistering amazing it is over my AMD XP 2000 (Current CPU)