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Which of these 20" TFT's?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Pij, 5 Feb 2006.

  1. Pij


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    Hi guys,

    Im after a 20" widescreen panel, ive noticed peeps say different things about the different panels so i wasnt sure which best suited me.

    I play games and general desktop use, i dont ever watch films on my PC, so considering this might i bet better off with Acer AL2032WA or BenQ FP202W, over the Belinea 102035W?

    Ive read many say they dont like the panel in the Acer/BenQ but i honestly dont know the downfalls and positives of them, the only thing ive read is something about Film playback is better on the panel used by Belinea.

    But i would rather have no backlight issues than have better film playback, as i would never watch a film at the PC.
  2. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    The Acer is an S-IPS panel which is the same as the Dell 2005 so blacklight bleeds is a possibility. Benq is a TN panel, personally i wouldn't pay £450 for a TN panel for a montior in this class however it is probably a good screen for gaming. Belinea is a P-MVA panel, the best all round panel.

    But have you considered the Phillips Screen? Tiny bit more than the Belinea, and all indication points to a P-MVA panel.
  3. Pij


    Joined: 6 Feb 2003

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    I havnt considered the Philips mostly because its Silver, i dont know why, but i really dont like silver monitors.
  4. Baddass


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    Hi. Might be worth having a read about what the different panel types are here since it tells you the pros and cons for IPS, MVA, PVA and TN Film panels. You have the right kind of idea in your initial post though, TN Film panels like those used in the BenQ FP202W are generally very responsive and good for gaming. However, their drawback is that viewing angles are very restrictive, especially in the vertical field, and movie playback is quite poor. This isn't an issue for you, so TN panels might be just as well suited to your needs. There are some models using the same panel as the BenQ however which are a fair bit cheaper including the Viewsonic VA2012W which might be worth a look.

    The Belinea 102035W is a much more all rounded panel, and still very well suited for games. However, there have been some backlight bleed issues which if you're worried about, might put you off. IPS panels are not really well suited to gaming since they are pretty unresponsive by modern standards. However, having an IPS panel does not mean it will suffer from backlight issues Raymond Lin, that is down to build quality and backlight alignment and fit. The panel is supplied by LG.Philips, and it is down to the manufacturer to hook this up with the backlighting and CCFL's etc in the monitor itself. Dell didn't do a very good job with the Dell 2005FPW and there are a lot of backlight bleeding issues as a result. However, the Dell 2001FP is an S-IPS panel and doesnt have these issues, so it's not the panel type which is to blame here.
  5. Loafer


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