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Which PSU?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Double07, 12 Apr 2012.

  1. Double07

    Wise Guy

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    Location: Scotland

    Any thoughts on which PSU I should get when I upgrade. The **** one I have now is so loud it sounds like it's about take off! Ok slight exageration but I really want something that's quiet. Likely new system will be

    Z77 board, the IB replacement for the 2500k, 8GB RAM, 1 SSD, 2 mechanical drives, DVDRW, HD7850.

    I was looking at the Coolermaster 600w modular which got some pretty decent reviews and is well priced but I'm thinking that I MAY at some point consider crossfire 7850 and wondered on thoughts on this, and other PSUs in a similar price range. I play games now and again but I wouldn't say the PC would be under heavy load particularly often. If anything I prefer slightly older games as well as Starcraft II and the odd bit of Skyrim now and then.

    Any real outstanding options at or around this price point, I know which ones to avoid, I've scrimped on PSUs before and paid the price so this time if it costs a few quid extra for something that is worth it I will happily pay it!

  2. The Halk


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    That PSU would do two 7850s in Crossfire plus an Ivy Bridge and have room for overclocking.
  3. 95thrifles

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    If you want to keep xfire open in future, whilst 600 would prob do it, Id prefer more headroom if it were me, Id look at 750
    OCZ ZT
    Corsair TX
    XFX XX
    Theyre all modular and not much more, alternatively the Antec High Current reakky is excellent but lacks the modularity
  4. Double07

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 10 Jan 2006

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    Location: Scotland

    Hmm the OCZ ZT 750W can be had for £77 and after reading a couple of reviews seems like a fairly good all round solution at the price point, plus it does give significant extra headroom if required, probably won't be but given the price differential might be worth thinking ahead.

    Anyone with thoughts on the OCZ I mentioned in terms of good/bad reports?