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Which Ram?.......its been a while

Discussion in 'Memory' started by Gixer, 3 Aug 2006.

  1. Gixer

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    It has been a while since I have changed anything in my system. When I first built it I played with overclocking and could get the CPU running stable at higher speeds but I had to run the FSB of the ram out of synch as the ram I have didnt like overclocking much. I have 1gig of Corsair PC3200 XMS stuff in my system at the moment and at 200FSB it holds the timings in my sig ok.

    If I try to raise the FSB much it doesnt like it at all, even if I slacken the timings right off and I'm sure i tried slightly higher voltage too.

    Anyway I am looking to upgrade to 2gig of ram and replace my temporary OS HDD back to a 10,000rpm western digital one (last one died and me being dumb didnt realise it had a 5yr warranty!!)

    So which 2gig of ram would be best to achieve a good overclock on my system and also hold tightish timings still?

    Any info is appreciated as I have lost touch with what is good or bad these days.

  2. Minstadave


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    GSkill PC3200 ZX and the OCZ PC3200 Platinum kits are both worth a look.

    On A64 there's not really much of a performance hit using a divider and running asynch. Either get some PC3200 with tight timings and clock it to about 220-230 ish keeping the timings tight, and use a divider to push the CPU speed up, or you could go with some PC4000 like the GSkill or Mushkin and push that as far as you can go 1:1.

    Usually I recommend going with the first option as it requires less fiddling and still gives great performance.