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Which small cheap van ?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by [email protected], 6 Mar 2010.

  1. [email protected]

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 6 Aug 2004

    Posts: 2,084

    Location: Essex

    Sorry for bringing a van thread into this forum but i need some help.

    Im after a cheap (£1500-£2500) small van.

    Here are two that seem ok to me but i have no idea if they are!
    Vauxhall Combo
    Renault Kangoo

    Any suggestions that i should consider? Or ones i shouldnt go near?
    Thank you earthlings
  2. Gribs

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 12 Nov 2003

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    Location: Skipton

    Does it actually need to be a van? Estate cars give you as much room with the back seats down and tend to be cheaper to buy and insure. They're easier to drive as well. A mondeo estate will easily take a couple of euro pallets.
  3. jon.bda


    Joined: 28 Oct 2002

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    Location: Shropshire-ville

    Peugeot Partner/Citroen Berlingo
  4. 4T5

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 30 Aug 2004

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    Location: Middle of England

    VW Caddy. :D
    You can stick a nice set of wheels on it then & mod it a bit. :p:p:p
  5. Moeks


    Joined: 24 Feb 2003

    Posts: 8,436

    ...rollin' on chromes yo!
  6. 4T5

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 30 Aug 2004

    Posts: 27,746

    Location: Middle of England

  7. Settleddown


    Joined: 22 Jan 2010

    Posts: 713

    At the moment I am using a VX Combo and VX Movano, It’s on a 59 plate and is very easy van to drive, the clutch is nice and soft and the gearbox is smooth. The breaks are very good I must say and the handling is good for a van. I haven’t found any bad points about them, the 1.7CDTi is a good engine, avoid the 1.3 as I bet it’s only around 60BHP

    I have being told its based on a Corsa, so it may not go down well on here. But its a van and tool not a drivers car and it does the tool job perfectly.
  8. Lakeland


    Joined: 1 Nov 2005

    Posts: 5,629

    I got a 53 reg citroen berlingo in mint con'd at the top end of your budget, 2 years ago, so I'd imagine there are some even better ones out there now.

    + 1 on the idea of an estate though. Van insurance + van tax can be expensive in comparison to an estate
  9. CaneyJ


    Joined: 15 Dec 2002

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    Location: Birmingham

    Citroën C15? Now thats a cheap van! :p