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which sound card + problems :)

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by peetee, 25 Feb 2006.

  1. peetee


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    i listen to alot of music, play games etc. Im doing this all with nforce onboard audio (on a shuttle sn95g5)
    Recently after wiping windows and adding a x800xt platinum though iv found that every so often on battlefield2 when i have graphics on medium-high(high is recommended for most settings) iv been getting lockups and stutters where my computer stops taking keyboard+mouse input for a while, its pretty annoying, iv been wondering if this is down to the sound chipset overheating in the hotter case temperatures. Iv got a sb live1024 lying about, will this be able to play sounds at medium/high quality? thanks in advance, just looking for a quick fix cos im broke at the mo =/ id have liked a fatal1ty but i also dont have any room to stick the front bracket thing in my shuttle :D