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Which TFT? and widescreen or not?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by RaMDOM, 7 Mar 2006.

  1. RaMDOM

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    Okay guys - had a look at some of the threads and while they offer loads of info they do not answer my simple question. So here goes.

    I am looking to by a TFT of 19in and from reading Custom PC I have it down to two: Either the LG Flatron L1980Q or the Belinea 10 20 35W. I have seen the LG as my cousin has one and was well impressed. However the latest Custom PC introduced the Belinea which offers affordable widescreen gaming. So now I am thinking that I would like to go for a widescreen monitor.

    However in reading some of the threads I can see that some people are recommending an NEC model and a Philips model over the Belinea. What are these models? Which one should I get? The monitor will mostly (as in solely) be used for gaming.

    Also - quick question, one thing I fear in purchasing a widescreen is that if the game does not support widescreen resolutions and thus has bands at the side - will they burn, and mark the monitor?

    I am a complete noob at this and so I thank you for your time.
  2. fish99


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    Relying on a magazine for all your TFT info will leave you a bit out of date, especially if they've only just covered the Belinea (20" btw). Much better to check out what's available on the OcUK 19" and 20" monitor pages, identify the models you are interested in, and then use the forum search to find the threads about them.

    Or even better, tell us what your screen requirements are and there will be plenty of people here willing to suggest suitable screens.

    You'll find the NEC and Philips here -


    The Belinea seems to have backlight bleed (the backlight showing through a little), which is why the Philips and NEC are more popular. The NEC is the quickest widescreen around.

    As for the LG L1980Q, it's beautifully styled, but it's a bit out specced by other models, especially given it's price. Viewsonic VP930 is probably the best all round quality 19" screen. Samsung 930BF is very good value.

    Also check out the sticky threads for more info. It's worth learning about panel types (TN Film, MVA, PVA, IPS etc).
  3. RaMDOM

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    Cheers - thanks for the advice, will take it on board.

    The NEC looks nice!

    edit: what about the issue of burn that I asked about - any info on this?
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  4. Baddass


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    no chance of there being an image burn because of black bars down the edge of the screen, dont worry about that. TFT's pretty much never suffer from image burn and even if they do (some occasional, RMA worthy issues) it is due to prolonged images left on the screen normally, and never because an area is left with borders. If there are borders, the pixels in these areas are left in the "off" position and there will be no adverse effects of this.

    Rather than go into too much details, i would recommend reading about panel types as fish99 has suggested. The LG1980Q and Belinea 102035W are both VERY different screens. Purely from a gaming point of view, they are both pretty comparable. The Lg is using a slightly older panel to some of the new 4ms, 3ms etc models and offers comparable responsiveness to the panel used in the Belinea (which is a different technology altogether). The Philips and NEC are both popular too, and the NEC is supposed to be very fast for gaming. Arguably one of the fastest in the market right now. Also take a read of this article about the WS choices discussed here. should help you :)
  5. RaMDOM

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    Joined: 20 Nov 2005

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    Location: Birmingham

    Cheers for the advice guys - have learn't a load already, and have pretty much come round to the NEC.

    However still not buying for another 7 weeks though so plenty may happen.
  6. Herr_Ando


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    seeking ideal gaming tft

    sorry meant to make a new thread
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