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Which to buy?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by leezer3, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. leezer3


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    Hiya guys,
    Bit of a dilema here, if you want to call it that :p
    My machine is as follows:
    Athalon 64 3200+
    MSI RS480IL motherboard
    Sparkle GF6600 512mb GFX
    2x Crucial PC3200 512mb in dual channel mode
    Maxtor 200gb SATA
    Aopen DVD burner
    Sony DVD

    All is currently running at stock speeds, and I don't intend to OC at the mo, but am bearing it in mind for when I get a new CPU fan :D

    Anyway, I'm looking to add at least another gig of RAM, possibly two into the machine, and would like a few opinions.
    First off, I know the jump to 2gigs would get FEAR & various other of my proggies (MSFS & video editing) running a lot more smoothly, but I'm not entirely sure whether adding 2 more 1gig sticks would keep the machine running in dual channel mode or not, and for that matter whether I would really notice the difference between 2 & 3 gigs.
    This leads on to the second question- If I was to Ebay or similar the two current sticks that are in there (6mths old) what sort of a price could I expect to get?
    Finally, I'm leaning towards the GEIL value and would like feedback on this choice, especially as at the mo I'm keeping to stock specs.

    Apologies for such a long first post!

  2. noxidjkram@hotm

    Wise Guy

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    Running 3 Gigs would force the the ram to run at 2T timings instead of 1T.

    AFAIK you should be able to run Dual Channel with matched pairs in the correct sockets, but will all need to be same timings/type.

    Better off using 2 x 1Gb, as you are unlikely to use 3Gb for anything.

    I think you'd get about £40 for current ram at auction.

    Look at G.Skill ZX as an option for ram. Good price and good overclocking options.