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Which to use with Di-ionized water??

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by bifday2k, 24 Sep 2009.

  1. bifday2k


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    As topic says which one of these is best to use with Di-ionized water..Reason im double checking is the 2nd one mentions distilled water and ofcourse thats slightly different to di-ionized, so just wanted to double check before buying.

    My loop will be filled with di-ionized water bought from car shop, and not distilled, so any advice which one to buy would be very helpfull.

    10ml PT Nuke Concentrated Biocide

    Petra'sTech "PT_Nuke" is a specially blended, sequestered Copper solution intended for use as a biocide in your PC's water cooling system.

    • Active Ingredient: Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4·5H2O)
    • Other Ingredients: Citric acid, Distilled Water.
    • Use: Add 1 drop per liter of coolant (~0.57ppm Copper)
    • Use: Add 2 drops per liter of coolant (~1.14ppm Copper)


    10ml PT PHN Nuke Concentrated Biocide

    Petra'sTech PT_Nuke -PHN is a specially formulated Benzalkonium chloride solution intended for use as a biocide in your water cooled PC. Primarily geared toward systems running straight distilled water, Nuke -PHN is not acidic and will not drop your coolant's pH, making it ideal for use in poorly buffered coolants and situations where corrosion is a concern (since many corrosion inhibitors are optimized for use within a pH range of 7-8.5). However, we do not recommend the use of Nuke -PHN with most "pre-mixed PC coolants" and dyes (though, our testing indicates that there may be no compatibility issue with Feser's UV dyes). Do not mix Nuke -PHN with the original Copper sulfate based PT Nuke.
  2. Bubo


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    It appears to imply that the original PT Nuke does affect the pH of whatever coolant it is added to, so if you are adding a corrosion inhibitor additive as well it appears the new stuff would be better. A quick google suggests that DI water is potentially slight more acidic than distilled water, thats where the porrly buffered statement comes from, i.e. pH less than 7, so if you were to be using a corrosion inhibitor as well as biocide then distilled and this new stuff would be the way to go for optimum performance, as distilled should have a pH of exactly 7. However, unless you've got mixed metals I would simply go with DI and the original PT Nuke as it will do the job regardless. On a side note, this pH buffering thing has reminded me of compounds you can buy for aquarium water which raise/lower/buffer pH, I wonder if these have a use in water colling.....
  3. bifday2k


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    Posts: 2,601

    Thanks for the info Bubo, good to hear the original stuff is more then enough, as the place im getting it from only has that in stock atm, lucky lol.

    Still learning about water cooling, most i understand but stuff like this just goes over my head, so again many thanks.