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Which Type of RAID for me?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by gsxr750steve, 16 Jan 2006.

  1. gsxr750steve


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    I currently use RAID 0 in my system across 2x250GB SATA drives. Loads of storage but no back-up.

    I need to put a better back-up system in place and am pondering these three ideas - can you tell me which you think best - or another idea if you think these ideas are rubbish.....

    1. Buy a third 250G SATA drive. Install it and then run backup s/w to save everything from the RAID drives onto it.

    2. Buy a third 250GB SATA drive and install it in a RAID 5 configration along with the other two drives.

    3. Buy a third 250GB drive - but an external USB one. Use this for only backups and then stick it in a Fire Safe.....

    In all cases the new drive is backup only in reality (I know in the RAID example it will have real data on it as the Parity rotates across all of them).

    I need to take into account how to move from my current set-up to the new set-up i.e. when I change RAID types I'm assuming I will format the existing RAID configured disks - so I need to be careful how I do it so I don't end up with a fantastic array but no data.....

    Any ideas gratefully received.