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Why does nothing clock well..

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Xplo, 1 Feb 2006.

  1. Xplo

    Wise Guy

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    Why has nearly all hardware i woned not clocked well..

    XP t'bred b 2600 - not stable past 2700 (pr)
    XP palomino 2000 - not stable past 2400 (pr)
    XP tbred 2200 - not stable past 2600 (pr)
    9700Pro, 40mhz MAX on core, 7mhz MAX on ram

    this is all in the same system

    I once had an MX440 actually though and that overclocked like mad.

    Could it be PSU? 450W EZcool, reported 11.5 on 12v, this cant be a correct measurement though, e.g. my mobo tells m2 52c CPU, my fingers on heatsink tell me nowhere near 35 :(
  2. Marvt74


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    Heatsink temp and cpu tempm are different though plus its pretty hard to guage temps with your finger, although mobo temps are notorious for being poor at readings.

    PSU could be a problem try borrowing something higher spec and see if you have more luck, 11.5 on the 12v isnt too great at all.

    What kind of amps do you get on that
  3. Ateapotist


    Joined: 16 Jan 2006

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    what motherboard?
  4. Jimbo Mahoney


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    I guess you just don't have the Uber 1337 skillz necessary....



    On a more serious note, neither the voltage or the temperature readouts given my motherboards are accurate.

    Get a Multimeter for like £10 and poke it in your molex (ooh, err!). Then you'll know what your voltages are like.

    As for the temperature, you can get thin thermal probes, again, very cheap, and place them next to the core (depending on the CPU) and get a better idea that way.
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  5. Xplo

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    its gigabyte ga-7n400 pro 2
  6. Amps


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    good luck on getting an FSB higher than 220 on that motherboard. I dont think many people ever manyaged an fsb higher than 225 on it.

    I had the GA 7n400. it could never get passed 218FSB. so thats whats sticking you .

    That psu is more and enough