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Widescreen Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Jaap74, 6 Mar 2006.

  1. Jaap74

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    Where do people get their Widescreen wallpaper from ?
  2. spoonz

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  3. KaHn


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  4. Baddass


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  5. Jaap74

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  6. Chaos


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  8. StevenG


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    I love those monitors + stands... here is my effort.


    i edited the image in photoshop so that the image on the left would match up with the image on the right with the 4cm gap of the screen edge things...
  9. [email protected]


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    no family friendly enough i'm afraid, too many scantily clad ladies
  10. pcfan


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    Any other sites?
  11. Fireblade2K4

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  12. Apex


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    how did u get the image to be different on 2 screens? i have been trying to do this but cant seem to find out how. I am using Ultramon if that makes a differnce.
  13. Messiah Khan


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    Right click on the ultramon icon in the task bar.. go to the wallpaper section and add the two wallpapers to each monitor, and hey presto, jobs a goodun'
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  14. Caged


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