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Wierd Dreaming/Sleeping Experiences

Discussion in 'GD Archive' started by iam, 25 May 2003.

  1. iam


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    Thought I'd make a thread about sleeping/dreaming, as it's something that really interests me - in particular, Lucid Dreaming.

    Basically - I'd like to hear about all your wierd dreams/nightmares/lucid dreams.

    Here are some of my experiences:

    Lucid Dreaming

    I've had a few Lucid Dreams now, and I have to say, it's one of the best things I have ever experienced in life.

    My first ever Lucid Dream was when I was approximately 13/14: I was in a French town, and some Black girl was stood in this street asking me to come in to this sort of gypsy like cart. All of a sudden, everything just clicked - and I realised I was in a dream. It truly was amazing. I remember looking up at a lamp-post, and thinking to myself that it should be on as it's nighttime, then bang, it came on instantly. It's wierd - I remember actually being exstatic in the dream because I knew I was, if you get what I mean. The girl was still beckoning me into this cart, and so I followed her in, and rocked the kazbar. I'd lost my virginity in a dream before I had in real life :D

    Another vivid one I remember was when I was stood in my garden, and again, it dawned on me that I was actually in a dream. Again, I looked around, and saw that the trees where perfectly still, and thought to myself "there must me some wind", then the trees started to sway gently in the wind. Again, like before, I was exstatic. I then decided to simply hover up to the top of a huge conifer tree and perch myself on the top, and looked out at the whole world on the horizon, sort of like a gargantuan world atlas.

    Apparently Lucid Dreams can be achieved by everyone, because 'normal' people are meant to come out of a dream as soon as they realise it is a dream, and move on to another. However, if as soon as you feel a dream 'stopping', you think "This is a dream, this is a dream" - it then becomes a Lucid Dream, and you really are free to do as you please.

    It's almost, dare I say it, like being in the Matrix :p


    When I was young, I always used to have wierd reoccuring nightmares.

    The first, and most harrowing, took place in my home. I'd be standing at the bottom of the garden, then all of a sudden I'd hear a roar of a plane, and a huge bomb would fall off its wing, and hit the house slap bang in the middle. I'd run up the garden, and through the patio doors, to find my dad bleeding to death on the couch. I'd immediately start crying, and asked my dad if he was alright, he'd insist he was okay, and then tell me to go check on my mum. So I'd run upstairs, and as I'd reach the landing, I'd see my mum, stood in her bedroom at the end of the landing, covered in blood. I'd then run towards her, but a few steps before I'd reach her, that whole wing of the house would collapse on my mum. I always woke up in a old sweat and near crying - and I must have had that dream a dozen times.

    Another, much more 'childish' dream was where I was in New York, and this huge monster would just chase me through the streets, the only thing I could do was run. Eventually, it would catch me. Much like that one, there was a nightmare where I'd be in the back garden, talking to our old dog, Betsy, in her cage (she was never in a cage in real life). Suddenly, her eyes would roll back and then turn red, and she'd start foaming at the mouth. She'd then go mental, jumping at the cage, trying to bite my face off. Eventually, she'd break through the cage, and chase me up the garden. I'd look back at her gradually gaining on me, all the time I was thinking what I could have done to get her so mad. But a few steps before I reached the safety of the house, I'd feel her jaw lock down on the back of my neck, and I'd wake up.

    Perhaps the most perculiar, and the most reoccuring dream I've ever had (talking near 100 times I've had this nightmare), was where I was stood in a vast, empty room, in absolute complete darkness. Then I'd be stood in front of a table, and at the other side of the table would be stood Mario (as if in Mario and Luigi), just staring and grinning at me. I'd gradually start to move away from the table, moving further and further, but it seemed no matter how far away I could get, I could always see Mario's big evil grinning face staring at me. Make of that what you will, for I have never fathomed out why I've had that nightmare so many times.


    So, please feel to post your wierd sleep/dream experiences - I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's capable of Lucid dreaming, and anybody who has/does suffer from sleep paralysis.

    Btw, I got out the looney bin on Wednesday ;) :p
  2. Stiff_Cookie

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Abilene, Texas

    I had a very very scarey dream recently.

    A little background info. Recently I had an operation on my jaw and for the next four weeks or so I have to be very careful about what hit my jaw or what I eat or do.

    My dream was basically me at a house I lived in in Florida about 6 years ago and all my teeth just fell out. It was really wierd because even though I 'knew' it was a dream I was convinced that my teeth were going to be gone. I woke up very relieved to find that all my teeth were in my mouth and that nothing happened but it was very convincing.
  3. Vai


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,347

    I have only ever had one Lucid dream ( :( ), which was quite a long time ago so can't remember much, and unfortunately didn't do much with my new found powers.

    I used to get sleep paralysis once every so often a few years ago, most of the time I would wake up in a semi-conscious with my face down struggling to breath, one of the scariest things I have ever had, unable to move and trying to force your muscles to roll you onto your side.

    Does anyone know any techniques you can do to invoke Lucid dreaming? It would be so cool to be able to try out a couple of matrix moves :cool:
  4. iam


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,472

    Location: Wirral, Cheshire

    The only one I know of is as I said above, which is to just subconciously think before you go to sleep "This is going to be a dream, this is going to be a dream"

    And they really are fantastic :D

    /hopes he has one tonight :D
  5. I haven't had any for years that I can remember. One I had when I was younger involved a balloon (like a party balloon) that I held onto and could fly with. All I can remember is that I could will it anywhere I wanted and I flew around where I lived at night time. :confused:

    In another I decided to imagine what was around me in my bedroom as I was sleeping, and I woke up.
  6. Jono

    Man of Honour

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    There was a thread about Lucid dreaming started by my friend Jon_P (just under a year ago)- dunno if he ever reregistered after the nuke
    I'll ask him about it.
  7. iam


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,472

    Location: Wirral, Cheshire

    Cheers mate - it'd be great to have him contribute :)
  8. pyro


    Joined: 23 Nov 2002

    Posts: 16,167

    my worst nightmare (at about age 10 an up)

    i was on top (i.e. i was riding) of an icbm, on a very big white room, the missile was going faaast and i had to avoid the walls...:confused:

    one i had recently: i am on a submarine, sunbathing, when my mother calls at my mobile "yeah, im fine, im crusing the pacific on the uss arizona" (the uss arizona was sunked in pearl harbor). anyay, i see the sealevel going up, so i figure out we are submercing, i hit the hull and a guy opens a hatch for me, instead of going in, i start talking to a friend of mine in the cell. finaly i get in, there's no periscope, no cotrols no nothing, just a big fat ugly girl who i end up wrestling. after that i find myslef in a skatepark...and then i wake up...(something just has to be wrong with my head!)
  9. ExRayTed


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Surrey

    By far the strangest dream I've ever had was when I was about 10.My mum took myself and my 3 brothers and sisters to stay at a friends for a week.

    This friend had children of her own and space to sleep us all was tight.I got the "utility" room with an old unused bed to sleep in.I say "utility" but it actually consisted of a partition board in one corner of a large room to give a small "room" with 3 walls and no door..sort of like this..
    | BED

    There was also a window space cut out of the partition board.

    I was fast asleep and dreaming,very vividly,of finding a cape [I'd not long seen Superman :D] that enabled flight.

    I put this cape on and started to fly.One of the most exhilarating dreams I've had to this day.The sensation was beyond real..almost tangible.I was swooping,flying through the clouds,flying high over friends houses and noticing them being so small.

    I joined a large flock of birds and was swooping and diving,looping and turning with them.Bear in mind this is a dream that's 22yrs old and I still remember it completely.

    I was flying around when a strong gust of wind hit me and the cape,which I'd tied on the best I could came loose and fluttered into the wind.

    I tried in vain to catch it but I was falling too fast.I remember the feeling of not being able to breath because of the wind hitting my face.I was scared beyond reasoning.The ground was rushing up to meet me at an incredible rate.

    I put my hands over my face and at the point of impact I awoke violently.To discover my mums friends son had jumped on me from the window ledge.

    Now the creepy thing is I must have known he was going to jump on me.He said he'd been watching me for at least 4-5 minutes before deciding to jump.My body knew.And it prepared me the best way it knew how.My heart was racing,I was sweating and wide awake with the adrenalin from the dream.

    Thats the weirdest dream I've ever had.
  10. ironman


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    I have a reoccuring nightmare every so often, ends in me sleepwalking. Thing is I cannot really remember anything specific in the dream, its as if im sorting through something in a particular order, but they are huge and there is a point where there is some sort of problem and if I dont do anything its results in my death. Its weird as I totally freak out and sleep walk at the same time shouting, then return to bed normally.

    When I sleep walk I sort of know I am, but when I am properly awake I usually am the last person to know that I sleptwalked.

    Crazy though, anybody know the causes of sleepwalking?
  11. mikester

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Edinburgh

    ive been having very interesting dreams lately. i take a lot of naps, and find that when i wake (or come close to waking) im in some sort of hazy consciousness. in this state, my dreams are so much more real than anything ive ever experienced before, and a lot of weird things happen during this time.

    usually, i glance at my clock every so often to help me get myself up from my nap, and in doing so i realize that in these dreams time goes by much, much faster. i can dream for 10 minutes and feel like a spent an entire day doing a number of activities. the most amazing thing is that i can vividly remember and describe everything i saw, heard, touched, smelled, and even tasted.

    sometimes, when i realize im dreaming (which ive begun to do quite often now), my dream just continues on as normal as if it was real life. i dont do any silly magical power things or crazy extreme things (thats another dream...hehe), i just move about in some place ive never actually been to and carry on with whatever it is i decide to do.

    the most bizarre part, is that ive dreamt of routine activities i do in life, then the same exact thing happens to me. whether it happens the next day, or a year hence, the moment it does happen feels like time stops at the precise moment i realize this weird 'deja-vu' has occurred.

    i actually have a lot of fun incurring dreams such as these, since i take a nap after school almost every day now (no more soccer). i challenge myself to realize the dream faster and faster each time (it doesnt always work).

    also, ive found that in periods of extreme stress and pressure (exams, school assignments, etc.), extreme fatigue (morning, afternoon, or night), and even drunk/hung over states of mind, i can experience the same vivid dreams; albeit they are much weirder when im drunk/hung over.

    (almost done the post)

    anyways, ive found myself trying to analyze my dreams during spare time in the day, and i can link a lot of what happens to me with past experiences and routine activities i perform during the day (which i can usually predict before).

    ive actually never talked about this with anyone, these thoughts have been with me for almost a year now and im still trying to understand them myself.

    cool huh? :)
  12. DOOM


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    Ill tell you what i find the oddest thing,is when just as you fall asleep or them first moments between resting and sleep,you hear voices,this can include:music,talking,sudden shouting,voices or weird noises.

    This is called hypnogocic,i find it very bizzare cos youre not actually asleep,for that moment you are basically feeling what its like to be a schizophrenic.

    Also i enjoy parapsychology and sometimes wonder if theres a connection between physics and dreams,you know like dreams which are borderline lucidity except your convinced youre supposed to be there,the place is different but not odd like some dreams,ive wondered sometimes whether this is connected to parallel universes somehow.

    What if schizophrenia for example IS definatly real for the person,but on a neurological scale they are not quiet in this universe,litterly,interesting but probably flawed somewhere.
  13. Dreams are sooooo fascinating :D I had a really strange dream the other night. Basically I was on the Titanic and of course it sank, one of my biggest fears is deep water so this wasn't fun at all until I thought no we're not going to die and the ship wont fill up with water and so we sank right to the bottom but we were fine inside the ship for ages :D, then it got mighty weird when I went for a drive around the ship which then turned into Exeter University were it was rainin :s, then it was sunny in the ship and there was a back garden. So basically we had a bubble around the ship where we could survive sustainably. Most odd.
  14. MindYerBeak


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    The only dreams I have are bad ones. They usually entail being chased by 3 others, members of the Mafia out to get me. The dreams are purely psychological and are related to a traumatic experience I once had. The 3 chasing me are facets of my personality I once thought were "evil" and are trying to reunite themselves with me, but I'll have none of it. Hopefully one day they'll catch me and become reunited.

    The dreams are very vivid on occasion that I do have them, and it can take me several hours to get over the experience and fear. On the occasions I have a good dream I'm in a jolly mood for the rest of the day.
  15. Carter


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    Yep, I get that, it's like some people in the room next door are talking loudly but you can't tell what they're saying. Interesting stuff.
  16. iam


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Wirral, Cheshire

    Here's some information about Lucid Dreams I have just found: :)

    A lot more can be found at: http://www.lucidity.com/LucidDreamingFAQ2.html

  17. Daedalus


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    Yeah I read that last night, and am gonna start following their techiques for lucid dreaming.
  18. Psyk


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    I'm sure i've had dreams where i've realised i've been dreaming but it didn't give me any control over it. I didn't even really choose my actions in the dream, it just continued as normal even though it was a dream. It was like I was only dreaming that i knew it was a dream:confused: . Anyway with lucid dreams, how do you know that you are choosing what happens? How do you know that it isn't just the way the dream goes?
  19. iam


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    The same goes for reality - how do you know you weren't destined to make that post since the dawn of time?

    I think we can have a pretty good guess at what we're influencing. And often in Lucid Dreams, I forget all about the current theme and just go off doing my own thing.

    The dreams that you described, where you realise its a dream, but it continues on as normal, occur frequently. You're one step away from a Lucid Dream. All you have to do is think to yourself "okay, this is a dream, so I can do whatever I want".

    In a way - it is extremely like the Matrix.
  20. DOOM


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    If our brains are a quantum computation consciousness wise then youre just seeing alternate probables of what an alternate version/s of you are doing,youre just getting the sensory but not physical data,jumbled up,
    imagine getting all info at once! from many people,as if youre flying from brain to brain and picking up the data,
    that would DEFINATLY be like a dream cos youll be feeling and thinking and seeing,tasting,smelling,hearing all at once,the memory is huge data wise
    and youd not remember much,only the highlights,just like real life when youre trying to think back to everything you did yesterday,its bitty,and no it is difficult to remember what food tastes like.

    Theres a way to prove this theory,but its extremely difficult:

    we need the following,
    1.someone who has been born 100% blind

    2.technology to give them mechanical eyes that give them sight

    3.an intensive study to see if the person had dreamt of colour

    Cos thats the only way,
    do blind people born 100% blind see colour?
    theres no proof they dont cos you cant ask them!
    if they have never seen colour how do they explain what sight is?

    They know texture,shape but thats it,they dont know:light,shadow,colour

    if they have not seen them they cant explain them.

    If they said after giving them sight that they dreamt like this,then you know the answer,you also know parallel universes must exist in some way.
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