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Wifi Laptop Question

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by blackster, 30 Jul 2006.

  1. blackster


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    Hi, I have 2 laptops

    An Acer travelmate 8000 and a Dell Inspiron 1300, both have inbuilt intel wireless 2200BG cards.

    Question is that my acer has two antenna wires coming from the card, one being Primary and one being AUX, however my dell inspiron only has a primary antenna and nothing connected to the AUX one.

    Why is this? and why do they need the AUX socket in the first place?

    The wifi on my acer seems far far better than the dell laptop, but I can't work this out if they are both using primary antennas etc.

    Anyone shed any light?

  2. ns400r


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    bit of info/comparison for you(might be of interest)i have 2 dell laptops an inspiron 510 and a 1300 there is a dell wireless card in the 1300 and an intel in the 510 ,both cards are b/g
    the range/speed on the intel is FAR better than the dell,would definately go for an intel card next time
  4. unde4d


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    i've noticed the intel cards to be very good. I've got a Inspiron 6000 with an Intel 2200BG. It easily out-performs my Netgear wireless USB adaptor (WG111v2).
  5. benjo plz.


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    Intel cards seem to be pretty good, although the one in my dad's laptop has nothing on the Gigabyte one that was in my *ex* laptop.