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win7 + wireless mouse problems

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by ash_scotland88, 6 Oct 2009.

  1. ash_scotland88


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    Finally got my VX Revolution out the package the past couple of days.
    1st one i thought was defunct as one click on the scroll wheel backwards acted like severaal going forward, but with the 2nd mouse realised this was due to the setpoint software

    Now I have a new problems where sometimes after signign in, the mouse (or windows) doesnt want to acknowledge roll overs or mouse clicks apart from the top software running. This is fixed by simply ctrl+alt+delete, not doing anything apart form move the pointer up and down untill the buttons start glowin, then just cancle out of that.

    Anybody have any ideas or theories?

    Also an other one seems to be that it didnt want to scroll using the wheel in IE, but this seems to have now fixed itself
    Nope it hasn't, rolling over the up/down scroll bar turns the pointer into the circular arrows drag symbol, infact even left clicking seems to be doing this!
    new for this forum:
    Also just moving about over a webpage seems to be randomly opening up new tabs and when left clicking on the tab on top this seems to be closing the tab down. task bar icons as well would be getting dragged without me chosing to or clicking on anything.

    Only thought is (cause this eractic behavious has only happened in the past 5/10mins) that an other wirless mouse/receiver has come into range- I do live in uni halls.
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