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Windows 7 pro upgrade version installation advice

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Sandmaster500, 9 Apr 2010.

  1. Sandmaster500

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    Hi, I've purchased a Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade - 64 bit via a student discount (£30!) a while ago but am only just getting around to installing.

    I'm currently on XP and will be using a new (clean) solid state HDD as my Win 7 drive and my current as a storage drive.

    As it's a download not CD/DVD version i think what i need to do is:
    Put my new HDD in (and a new CPU at the same time)
    Install XP on new HDD
    Download Win 7
    Write to DVD?
    Follow instructions to get Win 7 running.

    1. With doing this would i be ok to leave my current HDD with XP on it and just make sure it's second on the boot order?
    2. I guess i can't use a retain version CD/DVD to install and then put in my product key?
    3. Any way i could shorten this process?
    4. Any tips for streamlining the transition (firefox bookmarks etc.)

    Thanks in advance