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Windows Movie Maker Help

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Magic_x_uk, 1 Mar 2006.

  1. Magic_x_uk


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    tried using this program to get my old video camera, analoque into the computer to record etc and eventually burn onto DVD

    I can get the actual video into move maker, but no sound at all. No matter what i try it wont get sound. I am using this item

    which connects to the PC via USB. I knwo that this works as i can see video but no sound is coming out.

    Any ideas if there is other free programs like Windows Movie Maker, or even something i have to pay for that is better and will help.

    I bought Dazzle fusion video creator about 3 years ago and its great apart from the fact it ONLY allows you to save 3 minutes for some reason.

    perhaps someone out there can advice


    had a thought, I have not tried using the line in and my motherboard sound card socket. Perhaps if i can get a L & R phone to small jack plug cable that may work ?
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