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Windows Server 2008 folder name mapping

Discussion in 'Servers and Enterprise Solutions' started by Guest2, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. Guest2


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    We are testing out a Windows Server 2008 with Terminal services. All users have a private network drive U: mapped to them


    Currently it maps fine with an example of \\fileserv1\users$\ATurner mapped to U:

    I go into this location and it shows the folder listed as ATurner

    On the new Windows Server 2008 terminal server its trying to be a clever, but this will cause a lot of pain in future if it cannot be changed. It maps the users folder fine and they can see it and access it as usual, however in \\fileserv1\users$\ all the users folders on the new terminal server are showing up as 'My Documents'

    So at the moment we have 6 folders called 'My Documents' These can all be accessed but we need to right click each one and go to security to see who it delongs to

    Is there a way of making the folder names change to the name of the person instead of my documents? These can be renamed, because I did this with mine but there must be a way of having them not nename to my documents in the first place

  2. Sp00n


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    I'll be keeping an eye on this, I had this exact same thing last week and I thought it was pretty stupid. I accept that when you are logged on as one of the users it would change their folder to say my documents but not everybody's and not when logged on as admin, its a very stupid idea and I would also love a solution.

    /edit don't know why I didnt find this KB the other day but method 3 looks interesting: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947222
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  3. Guest2


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    lol. I just found this too...



    • Put this in the users logonscript.
    Or as i did since this also is a problem with 2008 Terminalserver, and using the gpo "redirect my documents to users home folder" without "granting user exclusive rights to my documents"

    create a cmd file with the command line shown bellow in it. put it on the logon share and add it as a logon / logoff script in the GPO for the OU where the Terminalserver / computers are in.
    %windir%\system32\icacls.exe %homedrive%\Desktop.ini /deny "Domain Admins":r OR
    %windir%\system32\icacls.exe %homedrive%\Desktop.ini /deny Administrators:r

    This will prevent the Admins from seeing all folders as documents in the home folder share.

    edit - by this understanding then non admin users will be able to see the correct folder names...However non admin users dont have access to the folder anyway, only admins, so its a pointless microsoft 'feature'
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