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Windows XP Licence Question

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by IPBA, 4 Mar 2006.

  1. IPBA

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    Apologies if this has been asked before but I searched but did not find a clear cut answer.

    Last year I purchased an OEM Win XP Pro from OcUk. Recently I changed my mobo and the reinstalled windows. Upon activation it says that I have exceeded the number of times I can activate and was instructed to enter a new product code or phone microsoft for help.

    Am I right in saying that my Licence has expired and I am no longer legally able to use the software?

    Secondly if I now purchase a full retail (not OEM) copy of XP Pro will I have the same problem again when I upgrade the mobo or is it a different kettle of fish with the retail copy of XP Pro?

    Thanks everyone :)
  2. Whitewater


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    Best thing is to call the activation hotline about the motherboard upgrade, I used to get this when I reinstalled Windows a lot and had to phone the hotline. I'm not 100% sure about the Retail version but if you get the message again you can just call the hotline to activate.
  3. maddad68


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    Very good question .... I too would like to know this as i have had a problem ( kind of :) ) like this .

    I own 2 PC's , One new one older , I put my new copy ( oem ) of XP on my new PC and then formated my old PC and allso put it on that .. Cheeky i know but hey !

    Anyway i activated the new PC and then found out that my older one whold not activate ...Same issue as you .

    I would like to know how i stand later on if i decide to upgrade my mobo .
  4. PinkPig


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    As far as I'm aware the issue is this: any copy of XP will at some point refuse to activate if you move it around too much. With the retail version you can phone them and they'll just about always let you activate again if you explain that you no longer have it installed on any other machine. The OEM version will only be reactivated on the same machine, and it's been publisised that Microsoft consider a motherboard change - unless due to a fault - to be a "new computer".
  5. Dudd


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    I've re-activated several OEM copies of XP with M$ after a motherboard change, I've never had any problems after being careful to state that the motherboard was changed due to being faulty, one even had a sneaky processor upgrade.
  6. maddad68


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    Thanks pinkpig ,

    So im screwed then ... I can only use it on one PC ... oh well poor me :(

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  7. crashuk


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    dont want a holiday
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  8. maddad68


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    Edit ... :D
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  9. BigBoy


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    edit your posts guys unless you want a holiday..