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Windows XP & SATA Ports

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Spinal2k2, 19 Feb 2010.

  1. Spinal2k2

    Wise Guy

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    Currently run a Dual boot of Win 7 and Win XP.

    My m/b has x2 gigabyte SATA ports and X4 intel SATA ports.

    My main drive has always been connected to the Intel SATA0 port.

    But recently in borth Win XP and Win 7 started throuwing up 1000s of errors in the event log.

    Pluged the drive into the Gigabyte SATA0 por and win 7 ran fine with no more errors.

    WinXp refuses to boot, shows the loading screen then gives a BSOD about diff channels etc.

    Without reinstaling Win XP is there a way to get it to run from a change over of ports/channels for SATA
  2. SiriusB


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    You could try installing the Gigabyte controllers on XP - assuming it runs long enough without errors, then switch to the Intel.