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Wireless Bridge?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Draeconis, 19 Feb 2010.

  1. Draeconis


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    I may be getting an Xbox in the near future, but I've already come across a problem, so I'm trying to solve it, so if I get it, it'd be up and running quickly.

    The Xbox would be upstairs, but my WiFi router is downstairs. I have no intention of shelling out £60 for a WiFi adapter when I have a Wireless Router I'm sure I could use instead, but I'm trying to get my head around the configuration of both routers to accept it.

    My main router is a Netgear DGN2000, and the one I'd use as a WiFi adapter is a Netgear DG834G.

    Firstly, I'm looking at settings I'd have to change on my DGN2000;

    Looking at the DGN2000, there are three settings under Advanced Wireless settings for 'Wireless Distribution System'; Point to Point Bridge, Point to Multi-Point Bridge, and Repeater with Wireless Client Association.

    Point to Point Bridge would block my other wireless clients (a few laptops), so that's not really an option.

    Point to Multi-Point Bridge, is the same, but with more than one other router connecting remotely, so that's also a no.

    Repeater with Wireless Client Association seems a bit more likely, but I'm not sure it's what I want, as it seems to imply the AP will only talk to another router acting as a Remote AP, although it then says Wireless Client Association is enabled, so it's both not transmitting to anyone but a remote AP and transmitting to everyone? Baffling..

    I think the DG834G would be simpler to set up, Bridged Mode, with an ethernet connection to the Xbox, with the Bridge Mode directed at the MAC address of the DGN2000, with DHCP disabled.

    But the DGN2000 configuration is confusing me. Anyone understand me at all? lol


    After reading this document, it seems it's possible, with an Ethernet Bridge, but not a Wireless Access Point. Is there an ability of a Netgear Router to function as purely an Ethernet Bridge?


    This seems to cover it I guess, though I think the settings on my remote AP should be something without Wireless Client Association, as only my main router should be dealing with wireless clients.
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