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Wireless PC's and roaming profiles

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by bad_ass_neil, 26 Jan 2006.

  1. bad_ass_neil


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    We are having some problems with a wireless network and roaming profiles at work,

    The setup involves a server (controlling VPN, files etc) on the remote site with a switch and a linksys wireless access point, there are 6 pc all with USB wireless modules.

    Now as far as we know all the pc work correctly and are connecting on a 128bit WEP encryption network. But the users that will be logging on will be using roaming profiles, the problem occurs when they turn on the computers or logoff. As they try to log back in during the login process windows throws up an access problem with the roaming profiles i.e. unable to locate roaming profile you will now be logged on with a local profile.

    We have been doing some hunting and found that Microsoft knows about this problem and it’s all down to the activation and authentication of the wireless card. Their solution was to wait 30sec after the machine requires you to login and then try. Now this does solve the problem most of the time, it’s far from ideal, but it seams to be the only solution!

    Are there any of you out there running roaming profiles over wireless links? Have you encountered this problem?

    Once the computers are on, they work flawlessly and all connect at max speed, it just this stupid logon issue that’s bugging me.

    Any advice?