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WMA converting

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by MikeyM2005, 31 May 2006.

  1. MikeyM2005


    Joined: 14 Feb 2006

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    Location: Aberdeen, UK

    Hi, I have a friend who asked me for some advice as to what to use to convert all his WMA files (about 150GB) so that he can play them on his iPod. He unfortunately used Windows Media Player when ripping the tracks and didnt change the settings. So now he has all his songs in WMA 128Kbps.

    He was complaining because when he imported the files into iTunes it converted them into a format that the iPod could play but it was taking ages and the processor usage went up to 100% and the temperature was hitting over 75°C. I told him that it was inevitable because re-encoding the music is CPU intensive. But I thought that obviously the compression in the first place will have lost a lot of the data and converting to Mp3 or ACC will probably make it even worse quality? :confused:

    Is there a program that will be able to handle the amount of files that he wants converting quickly or will it be a case of leaving it running for a long time? Could he burn the songs to a DVD and then re-rip them as mp3's or whatever? Would this be quicker?

    Cheers :D
  2. PieMaster

    Wise Guy

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    It's probably best to rip the CD's again to be honest. 128k WMA isn't exactly the best sounding format ever, converting to AAC is going to lose yet more of the sound.
  3. tom_nieto


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    If you can rip the CDs again, do that. If not, I just used iTunes to convert all of mine. They sounds ok, but to be honest they're compressed anyway and I mostly use them for casual listening while on the move. For anything else I use my CD player.