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Work reluctant to increase hours due to head injury?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by helpimcrap, 17 Feb 2021.

  1. helpimcrap


    Joined: 13 Jan 2004

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    Location: Leicestershire

    Basically I'm looking to increase my works hours to full time but work are very conscious of the severe head injury I sustained in 2008 and as such are very reluctant to stress me any further.

    I'm a minimum wage worker with zero prospects (no degree and no chance of getting one) in my area of work. I'm effectively living hand to mouth as I'm singly paying for a mortgage, car, everything.

    I have refused to be labeled disabled although I may class as that (always worked but struggled) and I've never claimed anything in my life, refusing to when offered as I didn't genuinely need it.

    Is there anything from the government that could effectively 'top' up my wages?
  2. tom_e

    Man of Honour

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    Location: Shropshire

  3. dLockers


    Joined: 21 Jan 2010

    Posts: 4,748

    Get yourself on the list pal, no need to be a martyr and no shame in it either.
  4. LeMson


    Joined: 21 Mar 2012

    Posts: 3,896

    Be disabled, get refused full time due to disability..... Profit
  5. Resident


    Joined: 10 Mar 2012

    Posts: 2,600

    I've recently (well 4 years now) been diagnosed with a disability, myalgic encephalomyelitis. I work full time now and have worked either full or part time since I was 16. I have a registered UC claim in & I get about £80/month on average however I'm not badly paid.

    Being part time it's likely you'll get more than that as it's worked from your income. There's no shame in getting help, especially if you're working and paying in.
  6. Efour


    Joined: 8 Sep 2005

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    Location: Norrbotten, Sweden.

    Take what you can you have earned it. No point struggling, you're only hurting yourself Its 2021 no one else cares. (i mean that in a nice way)
  7. mattyg


    Joined: 17 Jun 2007

    Posts: 8,150

    What do you do for a living now.

    Does your "disability" limit what you can do?
  8. dark-knight


    Joined: 28 Feb 2015

    Posts: 225

    Agreed. The system should be there to help those truly in need. Its why we pay our taxes to help those who are unable not unwilling to work
  9. Martynt74


    Joined: 20 Feb 2004

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    Location: Higher Walton

    It may be worth exploring PIP

    Not sure you'd get it with being able to work full time, but my wife claims it for the same illness whilst working part time. It's not means tested financially, just on a case by case basis around your general disability. Works out around £330 a month :)
  10. Gray2233


    Joined: 25 Oct 2010

    Posts: 4,112

    I'd suggest contacting Citizens Advice and asking them what you're eligible for, as others have mentioned there's no need to martyr yourself -- you have a genuine condition and that's absolutely fine, nobody is going to begrudge you for getting help where you need it. There's different avenues you could look at such as PIP, but as stated you might be best off sitting down with someone from Citizens Advice or similar who can give you more information.

  11. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

    Posts: 75,483

    The liability aspect is probably too high for the company.

    I understand the reluctance but if it is a situation like this where you are likely to encounter limitations work wise, regardless of your own willingness, it is a genuine situation.
  12. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

    Posts: 20,581

    Location: London

    Do NOT gimp your quality of life due to your pride. This is exactly what the system is for, you have a valid and sufficient reason to claim from the gov, the same gov I'm sure you gave plenty of wedge before your accident, so fill those forms in and get on with life. The alternative is deny your "disability" and try get better work, but this would be at your own discretion, it sounds like your employer might be on to something and might actually have your wellbeing at heart, not to mention the whip you could crack if your injury got worse due to them increasing your working hours.

    No shame in the claim if it's appropriate.
  13. Resident


    Joined: 10 Mar 2012

    Posts: 2,600

    I don't qualify for PIP, not enough points on the assesment. Which in a way is a good thing
  14. Hades


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

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    Location: Surrey

    Maybe ask your doctor to assess you, get a fit note and take it to your work's HR department as proof you are OK to work extra hours.

    If the doctor says you are unfit for extra hours then ask to be classified as disabled and see what financial assistance that helps with.
  15. Lokai


    Joined: 26 Jun 2008

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    Location: Wakefield

    Just to add you're doing pretty awesome to cover a mortgage, run a car etc on part time hours, minimum wage.
  16. Arsonist

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 11 Jul 2012

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    Location: Nomadic

    Seconded. Also use the system, it's literally put there to help individuals in exactly your situation. Even 50 a month I'd imagine would help you a fair bit.
  17. Tuppy_Glossop


    Joined: 15 Feb 2012

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    My Grandma used to say, "Be proud, but don't be stupid."
  18. helpimcrap


    Joined: 13 Jan 2004

    Posts: 12,559

    Location: Leicestershire

    Thanks all for the kind words. I think I can do the job, just not like everyone else. I have a different empathy which means in my therapy role I often get more out of patients and not had abuse like the others have. I qualified for uni due to being stupidly determined however failing at things often leaves me in a bad place - severe head injury with 3 broken limbs, collapsed lungs, metal everywhere, osteoarthritis everywhere, limb limitations, broken eye socket resulting in acquired dyslexia, bipolar traits, medication for life for bipolar, Neuro testing diagnosing interesting limitations due to brain injury. I've had lots of work-arounds without realising I've been developing coping mechanisms for years. Apparently I'm classed as an advanced Excel user when I used to work in finance and the complex formulas I used to work out but I have a form of OCD now as well.

    I've reached the limit I think and need a bit of help.
  19. Uther


    Joined: 16 Jun 2005

    Posts: 15,841

    Citizens advice should be able to help. Pretty sure you could qualify for PIP, or at least UC if working part time due to your disability.
  20. Nasher


    Joined: 22 Nov 2006

    Posts: 20,415

    Work for someone else. We have a guy with MS who works full hours, but are also flexible if he needs time off (always with full pay). He earns way more than minimum wage, plus government pension.