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Workflow (iOS app)

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Somnambulist, 23 Mar 2017.

  1. Somnambulist


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    Location: London

    So Apple have been and bought the company that made this app, and the app is now free on the App store. Most people assume it will eventually be merged into iOS proper but for the time-being it's still a standalone application. I'd never really looked at it before but being free now I have no excuse...

    Do any of you use Workflow? If so, what workflows have you come up with or found online that are genuinely useful or speed up usability? Did the novelty wear off or you found it didn't really save any time?
  2. chef-borjan


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    I use it regularly for only two things.

    When I get to work, I have to get onto the Wifi by opening the browser and typing in a long access code... every single time. Instead, I have a workflow, so that when I connect to the Wifi I swipe down on the home screen and click on the widget. It automatically opens Safari, gets to the right IP address and copies the code to the clipboard. I then just have to paste and click go and boom, I'm online.

    ITs not a massive deal but a really nice quality of life improvement.

    I also use the widget to accept my weight and body fat percentage I record in the morning. Much easier than manually opening an app, especially Health.

    It really can be used for a lot of cool stuff, but your millage may vary. Like a lot of great software, it can be great for simple things or really complex things too.