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Workstation spec but needs to be capable of gaming too

Discussion in 'New to PC gaming & upgrade advice' started by nav_dcfc, 30 Sep 2017.

  1. nav_dcfc


    Joined: 30 Sep 2017

    Posts: 28

    Hi all.

    I'm in need of advice about the best way to go spec wise. I've been an Intel guy most of my PC life but Ryzen looks like its worth a punt. I'm not looking to build anything myself but want to be sure that what I'm after and requesting is compatible and i don't add any obvious bottlenecks to any spec. I've scoured the web and found this site to be the best in terms of members and facilities so here goes.

    I need a PC which will mostly be used for my work (web-based oracle systems bespoke to my employer, infomatica and very large Excel/Access documents hence the need for a good CPU/RAM). I occasionally web surf and watch quite a bit of videos (YT) and tv online in my spare time. Finally it would need to be capable of playing games although it does not need to be at the highest FPS.

    Importantly my PC will also be on pretty much 24/7 (mostly downloading). Based on what local retailers have told me about Ryzen there saying whilst its good there not best for use when running 24/7. You guys might state differently. The retailers i visited today for example are directing me towards the XEON E5 base PC's with subtle changes to meet my needs. If i order online then I'd like to be sure i'm getting value for money.

    As a minimum I'd like an SSD drive for the operating system and a second fast drive around 2TB for data etc. Minimum of 16GB Ram but more the better. My budget whilst not limitless is around £1000-1500. I already have 2 21" monitors (fairly old/basic - my old rig was running dual sli config) but have a seen a nice 30". I already have the other peripherals. Gaming Keyboard/7.1 Sound setup.

  2. Quartz


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    Are you sure that two separate systems would not be more appropriate, keeping work and play completely separate?
  3. nav_dcfc


    Joined: 30 Sep 2017

    Posts: 28

    I have a study where i would keep my PC but not enough to adequately keep two full systems long term. I have a request with my employer for an engineering laptop and that might negate the need to get a PC for works use. In the meantime though I thought i'd look to see what other options i might have.