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Worth a swap? (Seat Leons)

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Bes, 3 Feb 2006.

  1. Bes


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    Do you think it is worth swapping a 51 reg 31,000 mile pre- facelift Seat Leon Cupra plus about £3000 for a heavily modified (i.e. supension, FMIC, induction, dumpvalve relocation, remap and lots more) 272Bhp 52,000 mile 03 Leon Cupra R?

    I know it has a lot of miles for its age, would this put you off? I know this car has been very well looked after. I am hoping to get around £7200- to 7500 for my Cupra and I would be paying about £10,xxx for the R.

    Thanks :)
  2. Mr_Sukebe

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    Depends what you want from a car.
    The inference from your question is that you're looking for a higher performance motor. Personally I don't consider the Cupra to be a great sports car. Yes, it's fast in a straightline (even as standard), but IMO simply doesn't do it in the bendy bits (truly awful steering). Adding even more power to the existing amount won't IMO make it a better sports car, though it will undoubtably be faster.
    So if you want a drag car, fine, otherwise go find a good rwd or 4wd motor (e.g. 200SX, Impreza or similar).
  3. kaiowas


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    I'd certainly have thought there are better 3 year old cars out there you can get for less than 10k
  4. Skiddley


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    I upgraded from a 3yr old Leon Cupra to a new 05 LCR and haven't looked back.