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WoW advice

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by leezer3, 16 Jun 2006.

  1. dakaiez


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    Warlock is very powerful class the only thing is they require someone who knows what they are doing to play them. As a newcomer you may get a bit annoyed playing the warlock in certain situations, but as long as you stick to it you'll learn how to play and then you'll become quite a deadly player.

    Warriors are also good, bit tedious on the leveling side though from 1-30 i hated it but now at 40+ it's getting rather fun and interesting.
  2. speeduk


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    I bought WOW again today (played it for 7 months a year ago). I wanna see how the classes are and get into it before the expansion is released. I work from home so I should have plenty of free time.

    Last time I played my fave class was mage. When I played (dec 04-june 05)warrior was a bit sucky. Have they got any better?
  3. Skeptic


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    Silly question, perhaps, but is there another way to sign up an account instead of using the main website? It hasn't worked for 2 days now, I want to play! :p