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WWI Centenary, 11th November 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Admiral Huddy, 5 Nov 2018.

  1. skyripper

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    Went to the Tower of London rememberance display. Was very beautiful, shame the weather was awful.
  2. mollymoo


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    Why not? They were heroes as much as anyone/thing.

    If a dog goes into a burning building and saves someone it's classed as a hero so why not a horse in the first world war helping defeat the enemy.
  3. StriderX


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    What enemy was that exactly? That definitely is not the point of Armistice/tomorrow. The soldiers on all sides were ultimately the losers of the conflict, especially in such a pointless war that WW1 was.
  4. Diddums


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  5. mollymoo


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    Fair point.

    They are still classed as heroes though so quite a few will be paraded tomorrow in remembrance :)
  6. Boycey0211


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    I know of someone (serving forces) asking everyone to remember the horses lost in wars, 'becuase they weren't given the choice to go or not'.

  7. rare


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    God bless all those men that fought, were wounded and died. The war of 1914 to 1918 was a senseless brutal war, nothing but the consequence of imperial posturing, naivety and a failure of common sense. That many millions died for it is an unimaginable horror. Without it, there would never have been a Second World War which was all together a different beast.

    RIP gentlemen.
  8. StriderX


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    I mean there likely would have been a second war (tensions and what not being as they were), but that's pointless conjecture really.
  9. Skorpion


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    On this day we must remember,
    All the fallen where they lay,
    Forget them not my brothers in November,
    In the fields of yesterday.

  10. Wang Computer

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    There's a memorial statue on Park Lane dedicated to just that...

    RIP to all those that fought. I have many ancestors that fought and sometimes died in both world wars.
  11. fastwunz


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    I’ve been watching the BBC coverage this morning - the amount of insults and criticism being flung about regarding Trump and America is off the usual scale - I’m no Trump lover but blimey - the bbc are going hell for leather
  12. StriderX


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    Deserved, he's a narcissist that let a little bit of wind and rain stop him from honoring the dead because his bloody tan would scrub off and his hair would be a disaster.

    Anyway, went to Glasgow Cenotaph, i usually don't bother, but it's the centenary.
  13. Dis86


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    Fantastic ceremony this morning. Good to see representatives from both Germany and RoI present too.
  14. Housey

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    An Australian Light Horse Brigade soldier gathering flowers in Palestine in 1918. Very poignant I felt and worth sharing being as it is a rare an original colour photograph and because of the location too I suppose.
  15. Sankari


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    Location: Adelaide, South Australia

    I had a great-great-uncle who fought in WWI, and survived the Somme. It must have been hell on earth.

    Respect to all who served.
  16. G-MAN2004


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  17. jacksgotbones


    Joined: 6 Jul 2015

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    Nice to hear. Rememberance Sunday isn't just remembering the fallen soldiers it's also to remember the animal war victims also - horses, mules, donkeys, camels, elephants, cats, dogs, birds and even glowworms. May they all RIP and never be forgotten
  18. Yadda


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    Good turnout for the parade at the local cenotaph this morning - hundreds of of people.

    Paid my respects and had a couple of pints for the boys.
  19. Haggisman


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    Location: Birmingham

    Just been on a march with our local scout group along with the Royal British Legion and other local uniformed groups, e.g. Police, Fire, cadets etc. Nice to see such a good turn out.

    Shame about some of the unpleasant comments in this thread re. remembrance of military animals; you may not believe in it, but there's no need to be so disrespectful of those who do.
  20. BowdonUK


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    It's been a good turn out locally in my small town. The crowds seem to grow each year as we remember the sacrifices past generations have given for us.

    The amount of people wounded and died is nearly inconceivable today. BBC on a programme last night showed a map with rows of houses and dots on the houses that lost people. Whole streets and communities were impacted. I can't imagine the trauma of living in that community must have been like.