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x470 Gigabyte Aorus Ultra gaming Strange problem with NVME Boot

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Illuminist, 1 May 2019.

  1. Illuminist


    Joined: 26 Sep 2017

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    Hi there,

    Have an odd problem since updating the bios to the f30 one,
    I have windows installed on an intel nvme in the m2 slot which worked perfectly until this bios update but now when the pc hibernates and wakes it wont detect an OS and give me a messgae that no boot drive was found. In the bios the intel drive has dissapeared until i turn off the pc completely and then it reappears, i then set it as boot drive again and all is good.

    Needless to say i turned off hibernation as i couldnt google a suitable answer, but now randomly when i restart the pc, sometimes, it happens again with it saying no os can be found please unplug all drives apart from the boot. BUT if i press f12 at post the intel drive is there and i click it and it boots, also its in the bios fine and set as the boot drive....

    Any insight to this would be a marvelous eye opener.

    Thank you
  2. VortexA1

    Wise Guy

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    How about going back to your previous BIOS?
  3. Illuminist


    Joined: 26 Sep 2017

    Posts: 5,089

    Location: In the Masonic Temple

    Yeah that would fix it, but I would like to use the new fusion 2.0 software and also x3000 chips when they are released.
    Thank you for the advice though, I was looking for a remedy not a solution
  4. Alexrose1uk


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    The likelihood is there will be new BIOS between now and the release of Ryzen 3000. If possible, revert to your prior BIOS for now. Like you say you want a remedy, but unfortunately this just sounds like a case of buggy BIOS. There will likely be an updated one coming in the next couple of months which you can use then and get the benefits but hopefully shift these bugs.

    The first option however would be completely RESET your BIOS after flashing the new one to defaults. It may be a setting isnt playing nice and if you reset everything to default and go from there, it MAY resolve it.