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X700 Corruption

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Digital Pimp, 14 Jan 2006.

  1. Digital Pimp


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    Hi All

    Looking for some advice. Been trying to get a new Ati X700 up and running in a friends system, and so far have been totally beaten by it.

    Problem is, as soon as the drivers are installed when it loads windows the display is corrupted. It looks like the colours are separated, with the Red and Blue being out of alignment on the vertical. The mouse will move left and right but that's it, after 10-20secs the system reboots and repeats. Before the ATi drivers are installed it behaves fine with the default XP drivers.

    Started out on XP64, tried it on a fresh install of XP32 same problem. The system is running an ABit AV8 motherboard. I have tried the GFX card in my P4 system to make sure it does work, and its fine.

    Any suggestions?