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X79 Spec me

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by elpedro, 4 Feb 2012.

  1. elpedro

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    i have £1500 to spend on pieces for my X79 build I currently have Asus Rampage IV Extreme/enough mechanical HDD/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse/Windows so im looking for:

    Case - I'm liking the 600t
    GFX card


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  3. 95thrifles

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    The above looks good, though I would be tempted to swap PSU to this one if you go for that case, as theyll match nicely, though thats assuming you wont be looking at xfire in the future, if you are it wont be enough power, in which case an alternative case could be considered
    Also imo the coolers not worth it, either stick to high end air or go proper custom, I dont personally rate these enclosed loops
  4. stulid

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    £1313 with free delivery.
    Last edited: 4 Feb 2012