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XBox 360 3RLOD - Launch day console

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by djay, 1 Jul 2007.

  1. djay

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    XBox 360 3RLOD

    Thought i would share my story.
    Well i guess it had to happen sooner or later. My launch day core console finally bit the bullet last thursday. I powered it on from cold and was greeted with the ring of death, gutted. After several attempts to fire it up i finally gave up, it was gone.

    I decided to try and strip it down and remove the rubbish thermal compound and slap on some arctic silver on the CPU,GPU and remount it all. Low and behold it is back up and running :eek: Has been running now for the last 12 hours straight. :D If it happens again i have the bolts sat here for the xclamp mod but i hope it don't come to that.

    So happy it's working again.
  2. ubern00b


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    Thanks for posting this mate. Mine just started doing the same thing. Was going to send it off for repair but I may give it a go myself if it was a simple case of cleaning off the old paste and re-applying. Probably the act of removing the heatsinks and putting them back on tightened up the necessary joints etc. Anyway gives me a little more hope now, so thanks! :)
  3. Kainz


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    Really good news mate. My launch day 360 is still running fine (10hrs+ on Forza yesterday :o ) but I have to face facts that it will die soon rather than later. It's good to see they can be sorted out in such a way.
  4. Khrest

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    None of the fixes online worked for mine, so don't take it as a rule that they can be fixed. Mine will work for a few minutes then crash in game with the vertical dots on screen.

    Re-doing with AS5 hasn't helped, neither has the heat gun, neither has throwing it down the stairs :D

    It's a brick basically :(
  5. djay

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    Sorry to hear that, definitely try it though, the paste that is on there is rubbish.

    Kainz, you are one of the lucky ones then :)

    Khrest, i take it you tried the xclamp mod? May be worth it if you haven't already. I was going to try it but i need some 5mm washers i think it is. I have the bolts etc. Or just maybe it overheated too much and damaged the gpu :(
  6. knowledge123


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    Why are people still getting this problem :( could this be it?

    p.s. I don't think it is
  7. cheets64


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    Got a launch day console, still going strong.

    /touches wood
  8. fish99


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  9. Kainz


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    /me scrambles for wood asap!
  10. MCS


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    I've gone from a non-working console to 50+ hours of Forza 2 by removing the x-clamps and using M5 bolts/washers instead- so it does work! :)
  11. RJC


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    Makes 2 of us

  12. thedoc46


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    Shame the BUFFOON hardware engineers at Microsoft couldn't come up with the same ingenious idea !

    I guess they think the 10mil off the shelves serves them credit.. Yet probaly 1/2 of that figure is 3ring of death replacements.
  13. hornett


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    Mine started doing it after getting Dirt, from the info I have found its because the graphic intensive games heat the GPU more, and anyone who has openned theres up will know the cooling is rubbish.

    Going to B&Q on the weekend hopefully bolt for x-clamp will sort it.
  14. BenST


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    I had the exact same problem and the now famous "x-clamp replacement" fixed it good :)