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xbox 360 questions?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by welshboy, 10 Mar 2006.

  1. welshboy

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    Hi. Im tempted to purchase one of these amazing beasts but got a few questions first and before you say read the faq, i have.

    1. Does the xbox360 play HD dvds? - if not is there any solution for this in the future because it has HD out

    2. How do you record live TV like it sais on the official website?

    3. Can it play DIVX/VCDs's?

    4. If i connected it to my computer how do I play the HD movie clips i download from apples movie trailer website?

    thats it for now i think, cheers
  2. Smit


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    Not at the moment... a HD-DVD drive will be released sometime in the future

    Not that I know of
  3. Cuchulain


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    1. No,an external HD-DVD player is going to be released (possibly)
    2. Using Windows MCE on your PC does the actual recording
    3. No, not without some bizarre software hacks on the PC it's networked to
    4. You could (possibly) convert them to WMV