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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Fatboy, 10 May 2010.

  1. Fatboy


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 4,791

    Location: OcUK HQ

    A significant saving to be had on this 5830 part from XFX. Also do not forget free shipping for loyal forum members.

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 5830 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card + Alien vs Predator @ £169.99 inc VAT


    Prepare to experience a riveting high-definition gaming experience with the ATI Radeon HD 5830 Series graphics processors. Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays and get lost in the action with revolutionary ATI Eyefinity Technology. Using ATI Stream technology, accelerate even the most demanding applications and do more than ever with your PC. The first to deliver full support for Microsoft DirectX 11, these GPUs enable rich, realistic visuals and explosive HD gaming performance so you can dominate the competition.

    - Core Clock: 800MHz
    - Memory: 1024MB GDDR5
    - Memory Clock: 4000MHz (Effective)
    - Processing Cores: 1120
    - Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.1
    - Display Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I, 1 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort
    - HDCP Capable
    - DirectX 11 Support
    - OpenGL 3.2 Support
    - ATI CrossFireX Ready
    - ATI Eyefinity Technology
    - ATI Avivo HD
    - ATI Stream Technology
    - Warranty: 2 Years
    - Includes Alien vs Predator Voucher Code

    ***EXCLUSIVE Premium Priority 2 Year Warranty***

    In the unlikely event of your card failing within 2 Years, OcUK will replace your card with a brand new one, pending testing within our standard RMA terms and conditions (http://www.overclockers.co.uk/support.php)

    Only £169.99 inc VAT.

  2. hamehax


    Joined: 21 Feb 2010

    Posts: 67

    Location: Bristol

    That cards looking like a good deal now :D Perfect price point for performance
  3. Fatboy


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 4,791

    Location: OcUK HQ

    Its a good deal at this price and with the added value of AVP and free shipping for loyal forum members.
  4. jorzeh

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 20 Jun 2009

    Posts: 1,432

    Location: Stockport

    Two of thease would spank a 5870 and cost the same : ) nice Deal now only if i can persuade my husband.
  5. phill1978

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 5 Sep 2009

    Posts: 1,226

    would they though with 16ROP ? or would you then have 32ROP.. does it work like that :confused:
  6. Orcvader


    Joined: 11 Oct 2009

    Posts: 14,551

    Location: Greater London

    That... is a very tempting price...
  7. twist3d0n3


    Joined: 3 Aug 2008

    Posts: 10,483

    Location: Bath, England

    that's one fugly lookin' card
  8. X-Morgan


    Joined: 21 Aug 2008

    Posts: 226

    Location: Glasgow, Earth, Sol

    You're kidding me on. I just bought a 5770 'cos the 5830 was too much to justify the performance.

    Any chance of changing my order and paying up the difference?!

    I'm still sitting as an outstanding order if that helps.
    Last edited: 10 May 2010
  9. Bizarre

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 21 Jun 2005

    Posts: 1,338

    Location: Billingham

  10. MeMeMeMe


    Joined: 3 Oct 2009

    Posts: 2,719

  11. straxusii


    Joined: 18 May 2003

    Posts: 4,886

    It looks like an alien! :D
  12. straxusii


    Joined: 18 May 2003

    Posts: 4,886

    They should spank a 5870 in cf as 5770cf is ~ equal to 5870. Sadly that means the 5830 is the same bang for the buck as 5870

    Guess 5850 is still the sweet spot or 5770cf if you like multi gpu
  13. kingy666

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 20 Aug 2006

    Posts: 1,802

    Location: Liverpool

    Lol it's now £174.99 so it's going up in price again
  14. Mr Paul


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

    Posts: 5,529

    Location: Reading UK

  15. Final8y


    Joined: 7 May 2006

    Posts: 12,193

    Location: London, Ealing

    That should not be hard ;) or maybe it should.
  16. rolypolyman


    Joined: 22 Nov 2007

    Posts: 3,740

    Location: Ayr, Scotland

    2 of these are now £350, 5870 can be had for around £295. £169.99 didn't last long eh.:(
  17. Lokken86


    Joined: 8 Mar 2010

    Posts: 4,928

    Location: Aberdeenshire

    tut tut its 175 pounds now :(