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XMS 3200 on PC2700?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by Hidden, 6 May 2006.

  1. Hidden


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    Hey there, I have a bit of a noob question :o I'm currently running an old motherboard which only supports memory at PC2700. However I've just spotted some RAM at a good price which I want to put into the pc I'm building soon, and it's 1 gig (2x512) of PC3200, (Corsair XMS3200 to be exact). I know using two different RAM speeds will make the faster run at the lower speed, but if I install this into my current machine, will both sticks run at PC2700? Will they run at all?

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. Minstadave


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    If your PC takes PC2700 then PC3200 will run in it fine, though it will default to PC2700 speeds. This is great though as it gives you some nice headroom for overclocking if you fancy it, and the RAM will better suit an upgrade to a faster system at a later date.