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xp home edition on 64cpu

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by peachy75, 23 Jul 2006.

  1. peachy75


    Joined: 12 Jul 2006

    Posts: 7

    time to upgrade my system and going to do it bit by bit

    now first is new memory and hard drive and thought with all the latest activation by Microsoft thought it was time to get a legit copy of xp
    if i buy home edition ( 32bit ) will that work on a 64bit CPU ( which i will purchase in a few months ) till vista comes out or will i have wait and buy x64 OS with my new CPU ????
  2. sugoi


    Joined: 24 Jun 2005

    Posts: 474

    Location: Sussex, UK

    home edition 32bit will work with a 64bit cpu - just not as effective as the 64bit OS... might be worth waiting for Vista if you can wait long enough or just stick to the current OS you have at the moment.
  3. turbotoes


    Joined: 28 Oct 2002

    Posts: 207

    Location: france

    I think you will find that if you don't know if 32 bit xp will work on your 64 bit processor, you certainly don't need the 64 bit version, and it would be too much trouble for you get working well, no offence intended :)
    drivers are still not great and support ( official ) is worse.
    I'd buy a legit copy of 32 bit home, and give Vista some time to mature (after release) before going for it, that would probably be about three months before the next great thing comes out from Redmond, Oh I am bitchy today :D
  4. bledd


    Joined: 21 Oct 2002

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    you'll notice a speed increase for sure 32bit xp is a lot snappier than the 64bit one (run on my 3ghz opteron, 4gb ram, 2x 74gb raptors in raid)

    video and audio processing is faster on 64bit tho

    i'd stick with 32bit if you're just using it for normal use :)