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XP64 and the Xbox 360.

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by atpbx, 7 May 2006.

  1. atpbx


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    Ok i've posted in windows forum, but ill also post it here in case anyone here can help.

    You cant install the media connect software on xp64, supposedly, and therefore, cant stream movies and stuff of a xp64 machine.
    However there are some instructions here: http://extended64.com/blogs/andre/archive/2005/11/22/1523.aspx on how to do it, but to be honest, after putting the stuff in a new folder i'm lost as to what to do next.
    Can someone explain it in really easy step by step instuctions for an idiot?
  2. cokecan


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    havnt got xp64 to try it but from the sounds of it you need to:

    create a folder in program files or somewhere on your drive to install it to (as any program would), copy wmccds.exe, wmcsci.dll, and wmccdf.exe into that folder, then open up the 32bit command prompt then navigate to your install folder.

    and example would be for a folder in c:\program files(x86)\Windows Media Connect 2

    in the command prompt type cd c:\program files(x86)\Windows Media Connect 2 and press enter so it opens that directory in the prompt

    then using the run command (not too sure what this is but google or windows forum on here would help) run "regsvr32 wmcsci.dll", "wmccds.exe -installwithfiles" in the command prompt (possibly without the quotes) and then just run wmccfg.exe as you would any other program (double click on it i guess??)

    and that should do it??
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