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Xperia x10 or Htc Desire?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Apok, 16 May 2010.

  1. Apok

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    Looking at getting a new phone, managed to have a play around with a x10 for a few days and generally liked it (sent it back because t-mobile are a bunch of idiots and setup the phone contract in a family members name).

    Now im looking at getting a new phone, and have been having a look at the desire aswell as someone recommended it too me.

    Been looking around at reviews etc, but what are people's opinions here?
  2. Yas786


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    Go and try one out:)

    Everyone here has a different opinion but really you should pop into a store and have a play with one.

    I have one and have to say im extremely impressed with my Desire...its superfast with a lovely big screen with a nice res.

    X10 is nice as well but runs on an older version of Android whereas the Desire runs on the 2.1 and the new update is due any day....the X10 is severly lacking there ie heard something about Sept time for the 2.1 update but by then they will be pretty far behind as the Desire will have the 2.2 update already by that time.