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Your most satisfying moments in a game?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Gin0rm0, 20 Oct 2009.

  1. Gin0rm0


    Joined: 29 Jul 2009

    Posts: 295


    Lots of gr8 times kicking butt on Toca 2 and 3.

    Also sticking sticking C4 on a Helicopters/Jets on BF2, waiting for them to take off and, kaboom! I suppose I'm a spawn r@per for doing that but couldn't help myself at the time. :D
  2. Kosmiche

    Perma Banned

    Joined: 3 Oct 2009

    Posts: 14,040

    Location: North Wales

    A different usage of the C4, I like to stick it on a jeep, drive it into a chokepoint jump out and watch the implosion.

    Playing Quake on my laptop because my pc is MIA, I couldnt care less about the old sprites the gameplay and inventiveness is fantastic.
  3. Busa

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 1 Dec 2007

    Posts: 1,471

    Smashing the **** out of everyone online in Grid demolition derby...especially Americans and of course the french!
  4. Raumarik


    Joined: 14 Jul 2003

    Posts: 13,772

    First house I bought on Ultima Online, so many trees died and were turned into bows to buy that!

    In this century it'd be first clan win playing TFC many years ago, was nice for us all to manage to stay connected for almost 60 mins on our 33K modems!
  5. britboy4321


    Joined: 10 Dec 2008

    Posts: 4,080

    Location: London

    6 player LAN party game of age of empires 2. It took 8 hours to play. Very very close game. At the end, 2 players left -- massive battle -- awesome.

    We were doing things like mutually agreeing to pause the game so we could go and have 'war meetings' to discuss strategy without the opposition hearing (as when we were playing we were all in the same room.

    And yes, it's nerdy. And yes, I don't care. Awesome, awesome Sunday. The game was soooo close it was just bizarre!
  6. regulus


    Joined: 18 Aug 2006

    Posts: 9,811

    Location: Wellington, NZ

    Probably Starcraft with my brother. We'd play together and have some uber, mega epic close games, sometimes going down to the last unit on screen.
  7. Midlife Crisis

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 1 Aug 2009

    Posts: 1,549

    Getting back all the money I paid for Far Cry 2 when I sold the pile of crap was pretty satisfying
  8. Teaf


    Joined: 17 Dec 2006

    Posts: 7,906

    Loading up Half Life 2 for the first time.
  9. Drunzer


    Joined: 1 Nov 2007

    Posts: 2,502

    Getting an Ace on the other team in the LanXL CS 1.6 final :)
  10. Tefal

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: 30 Jun 2007

    Posts: 66,594

    Location: Wales

    Completing a l4d map with everyone barley alive, a horde feet behind you and seeing that final hunter that would have killed you hitting the safe room door as it slams shut :D
  11. Judge Mental

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 5 Sep 2008

    Posts: 1,511

    Planting the bomb and getting clear of the blast in Bioforge. A lot of new swear words were invented during that part of the game.

    KOTOR, all of it.

    The many hours spent online playing Desert Combat.
  12. LeJosh


    Joined: 24 Sep 2008

    Posts: 10,434

    Location: Edinburgh.

    A combo I did against my mate on Halo 3.

    He was in a warthog, him with the hammer he flew away I threw a grenade he came back then I hit him with the hammer again... He died! Very satisfying.
  13. Sinque


    Joined: 5 Aug 2004

    Posts: 7,385

    Location: North East England

    Being kicked for hacking when i'm not :o
  14. marl


    Joined: 16 Jun 2004

    Posts: 2,707

    Defeating the Cyber Demon in Doom.
  15. p4radox


    Joined: 1 Oct 2004

    Posts: 10,767

    Location: Prague

    Forcing the enemy to shift their MCV and then chronoshifting it into the water before they can redeploy.

    Coordinated spy + air attacks.

    Many fond memories of RA2.:)
  16. MowyTone


    Joined: 4 May 2009

    Posts: 3,366

    Location: Southampton


    ...ooooor being the hunter that makes it into the save room taking down your prey and inviting your friends in to play :D
  17. G1BB0


    Joined: 1 Nov 2003

    Posts: 748

    Location: stevenage

    too many to list, nowadays it has to be scoring against my 15 y/o son at fifa10 and rubbing it in lol
  18. Azagoth


    Joined: 24 Jul 2005

    Posts: 15,698

    Location: R'lyeh

    Getting 'Elite' and then swaggering into the 'Oak' form room like some sort of gaming God!
  19. trickycurve

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 3 Jun 2009

    Posts: 1,340

    Location: Godalming / Surbiton

    It was a college afternoon during a 15-minute break, and me and three mates decided we'd do an Instagib on WarSow.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I won having made the most immense comeback ever (I was like 8 down in fourth with just over a minute left).
  20. unknownsock

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 25 Mar 2009

    Posts: 1,691

    Location: Leeds, UK

    Your all wrong!
    Future cop LAPD for the PSX, was by far the best co-op experience :D